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Shreekant Mandvikar: Pioneering Intelligent Process Automation2.0 Advancements and Transforming Industries Globally

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) has become indispensable in today’s corporate landscape, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. This advanced technology, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning, empowers data-driven decision-making and fosters adaptability in businesses.

“However the technology world has move far ahead with IPA Framework 2.0, which is an evolution in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize global industries.” Says Shreekant Mandvikar, an expert IPA researcher and mentor with more than 14 years of experience. He is also the Co-Contributor of journal titled “Process Automation 2.0 with Generative AI Framework in IJSR, along with another luminary from the data science and engineering field named Alekhya Achanta.

“This cutting-edge strategy blends advanced machine learning algorithms with domain knowledge, enhancing business operations and customer satisfaction. By automating repetitive tasks and introducing human-like intelligence, IPA 2.0 aims for more touchless transactions and seamless processes, ultimately improving efficiency.” He Continues.

The framework’s Generative AI model, emulating human intellect, performs extensive data analysis, providing insightful knowledge and excellent results. It leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) for complex textual comprehension, plagiarism detection, language editing, and summarizing abstracts.”,

Shreekant Mandvikar is a standout professional who has contributed extensively to the organizations and clients utilizing his expertise in IPA 2.0. His professional trajectory is marked by a series of significant accomplishments, each playing a pivotal role in advancing the field of automation. His role as a Principal Automation Engineer stands out prominently, especially in the development of innovative solutions that have revolutionized industries such as Banking, healthcare life science, travel transportation hospitality, communications Media, and information.

He elaborates “ IPA 2.0 processes diverse data types through the IPA layer, utilizing Business Process Management tools. It forwards outputs post-execution to downstream applications, reporting metrics for stakeholders and employing human intervention for exceptions. IPA 2.0 offers automation, enhanced worker productivity, improved customer experience, reduced errors, lower operational costs, and adaptability to process changes. The integration of the Generative AI Framework revolutionizes IPA by tackling challenges with semi-structured and unstructured data, profoundly impacting its functionality.”

One of Shreekant’s standout achievements was the creation of an automated solution converting mainframe macros to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), resulting in a lucrative $45 million contract for his employer. This groundbreaking solution facilitated the seamless transition of legacy applications from mainframe to Java, without necessitating end-user change management. The impact was profound, preventing the need for retraining thousands of in-store, back-office, and on-call support teams, thereby averting stagnation in innovation and growth.

Additionally, Shreekant spearheaded the design of a solution utilizing Robotic Process Automation and cognitive technologies for a leading US Pharmacy Chain. This innovation not only streamlined data accessibility for customer-facing agents but also yielded an impressive 250-350% return on investment year-on-year, saving 3-5 minutes per customer per prescription. This initiative, benefiting over 50,000 customers with 3-7 prescriptions yearly, resulted in a collective saving of 4,500 hours, a substantial gain for both the pharmacy and its clientele.

Beyond the pharmaceutical sector, Shreekant utilized his organization’s proprietary framework to create an automation solution for finance and accounting processes for an online travel ticketing aggregator. This initiative not only secured a remarkable 300% return on investment but also accelerated month-end closure activities by a day, attracting Priceline as a new automation customer and sealing a significant two-year deal with his company.

Collaborating with a major newspaper in Chicago, Shreekant facilitated the selection of automation products and established a dedicated automation team, resulting in a two-day improvement in month-end and quarter-end closure.In addition to his professional achievements, Shreekant is a seasoned mentor, having trained over 100 associates in automation. He extends his knowledge to wider audiences through technology blogs and two podcasts, namely “Build Your First Bot” and “How Data is Transforming Technology.”

Additionally, his involvement as a judge in hackathons like hackHARVARD and hackMIT, as well as being on the panel of judges for GLOBEE awards, showcases his expertise in the domain. Shreekant’s expertise and contributions have garnered recognition through prestigious awards, including being named the LinkedIn Top Process Automation Voice in 2023. He is also the recipient of the 13th Globee Business Awards (Silver – Robotic Process Automation) and the 15th Golden Bridge Awards.

The journal that he Co-Authored with Alekhya Achanta represents his excellent knowledge in his professional domain. The article discusses the emergence of Intelligent Process Automation 2.0, combining RPA and AI to enhance business operations. Alekhya is also a seasoned figure in Data Science and Engineering with nearly seven years of expertise.She is currently a DataOps Engineer at Continental Properties Company Inc. In this role, she has significantly enhanced data architectures, engineered complex data pipelines, and developed comprehensive dashboards and reports, optimizing project management and business processes. Recognized for her adept ability to streamline intricate business processes through perceptive dashboards, Alekhya has earned commendations from Continental’s stakeholders, solidifying her position as a driving force behind notable improvements in business operations.




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