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Should Your E-Commerce Business Use Automated Emails


Sending emails manually to your customers takes a lot of time and effort. As your e-commerce business grows, the automated route will be the only sustainable long term solution. In addition, email automation actually creates some great marketing opportunities and can boost sales.

In case you are new to email marketing, you may be unsure what email automation is and how it can be used to create an effortless email marketing flow. This article aims to provide you with the basics to get started.

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is when you create an email campaign that sends out to your subscribers based on an elapsed period of time or trigger. For example, when a customer buys a product for the first time, you could send them a thank you email and request a review. Completing this task manually for all new purchases would be exhausting, especially if you have a high number of sales. Instead, you could set up the emails to go out automatically to save you a lot of time and provide an improved customer experience.

Email automation can go much further than merely sending out a simple email. You can personalise and segment them based on the data you hold on your customers – such as shopping and campaign behaviour. The automation program’s level of functionality will depend on the service provider you choose.

Email automation services can range from simple, easy to use marketing flows to extensive complex options with lots of flexibility and options. In order to know which provider to choose, you will first need to understand your short and long term marketing needs. Many mainstream email automation service providers will have tiered pricing. As your company grows, you can stick with the same provider but upgrade to a package with more features when needed.

Which Email Automation Provider is Best For Your Business?

Knowing which provider to go with is not easy as not all email automation software is created equal. However, there are some key features you should look for when choosing the best option for your business. Your email automation software will need to be able to:

  • Send out automatic emails when someone makes a new purchase.
  • Allows behavioural triggers like abandoning checkout or browsing specific product categories.
  • Automatically engage with post-purchase by sending out order confirmation and shipping notifications.
  • Send out timed responses based on key dates like customer birthdays to help strengthen your customer relationships.
  • Create time-based triggers to re-engage customers that have become inactive.

Recommended Automated Email Flows for E-Commerce

Setting up email flows is a specialist skill, so you might want to reach out to an Amazon agency to sort this out. They will have the marketing experts needed to get you up and running. E-commerce email automation can lead to a considerable boost in sales, meaning it can be well worth the investment.

Some automated email tools come with ready-to-go templates where you will just need to edit the content. The first few email workflows you will want to get up and running to boost revenue and improve customer loyalty include:

  • Welcome emails for new customers – this will help people feel valued as new customers and recognised for buying from your online store.
  • Product recommendations – behavioural trigger means you can send customised emails with recommended products based on their past purchasing or browsing habits.
  • Abandoned checkouts – it is possible to convert the sale through an automated email gently reminding the customer of the product he/she left behind.
  • Order confirmation and shipping notifications – customers want to know their purchase has been received and when they can expect the delivery, so they feel reassured.
  • Customer feedback and review requests – Great reviews can make or break a product’s success, so set up a timed email automation workflow to go out after a few days to collect those reviews.

Closing Thoughts

Automated emails are the way forward if you want to save time, stand out from the crowd and boost sales. Email marketing can also provide a great customer experience and lead to a stronger connection to your brand. Email service providers do charge for their software, but you can start with a simple package and upgrade as your marketing needs become more substantial.

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