Should You Use Your Mobile Phone for Home Internet?

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While the world is moving towards bridging the speed gap between different parts of the world, consumers are getting more and more excited about the possibility of ultra-fast network connections with less latency. Many people have preferences when it comes to the kind of network they will use to get the internet. Some people prefer cable and fiber networks as they offer high-speed internet and reliability in terms of connection. While others have geographical limitations and have to choose a cellular network or satellite. Satellite internet is a bit slow when compared to other types of connections. Moreover, the weather influences the state of your connection. On a rainy day or storm, you are less likely to have any internet. 

Presently, the increasing cost of cable and fiber connections have forced people to look for other means of connection. The introduction of 5G internet will influence their decisions a lot. The 4G and 4G LTE is still a great choice for many consumers. As a result, many people are still confused about whether they should use a mobile phone for their home internet or not. This article will discuss all the pros and cons of using a mobile phone for home internet: 


We will first take a look at all the cons of using a mobile phone for home networks. 

You miss a great deal on bundles 

Many Internet service providers have tailored special bundles with all three services. These bundles are quite economical and let you customize the plan according to your needs. For example, if you sign-up for Spectrum’s Triple Play Select that includes, high-speed internet, cable TV, and Spectrum voice, you get all three services at an affordable price. There is a great convenience as you pay for all three services in a single bill. 

The data is limited in most of the plans

There are fixed data caps when you subscribe to the internet plans on your mobile phone. This means that you have to plan your activities accordingly. These data plans are limited and there are high chances that you don’t make it till the end of the month. 

The streaming is limited 

If you are streaming on your mobile network, there isn’t much you can do. For example, consider that you are binge-watching Dark on Netflix. Just for an hour, it will consume around 0.7 gigabytes of data at medium quality. It is plausible that you will blow the carrier’s data limit. After you consume the data limit, there is a high chance that your speeds will be reduced. As a result, routine activities like browsing the web, loading pages, or emailing will not be smooth. 

Limited Connectivity 

Another limitation of your mobile phone internet is the number of devices you can connect. We live in a digital age where everything requires a connection to your Wi-Fi network. The security cameras, IoT products, all your laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs require a working, stable, and unlimited data connection. 


With all these limitations, there are many advantages of using a mobile phone for home internet. 

Best for low-internet usage 

Mobile phone internet is suitable for people with less usage. If you have 2-3 people in your house and these users only connect the internet for checking emails, browsing, and sometimes streaming, these cellular network plans are best for you. 


The mobile phone’s internet is quite economical as well. You can select the plan of your liking, customize it, and pay for what you use. There are no hidden charges, extra taxes, or other surcharges. Moreover, you do not even have to pay for the equipment on a monthly basis. 

The mobile hotspots are safe 

The mobile hotspots that you create with your mobile network are extra secure. It is created through your cellular network and the network has strong encryption. The hotspot allows you to check the settings of the network manually and prompt you to set a password. Only those devices can be connected that you want. As a result, mobile hotspots are more secure and safer than public Wi-Fi hotspots. 


The problem with the cable or fiber network is that they are limited to your home or office. You still need an internet connection while you are outside your home or office. The public Wi-Fi hotspots are available, however, their security is a grave concern. You cannot take any risks as these networks are under the influence of hackers and spammers. With a cellular network, you do not have any dependency on public networks. You can use your internet whenever required. 

Final Verdict 

The decision is in your hands. If you think, your limited usage is not worth investing in a full-fledge home cable or fiber network, use your mobile phone for home internet. If you have extensive usage and have multiple devices to connect, it is not a good idea to use your mobile phone then.

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