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Should You Subscribe to the Motley Fool Epic Bundle?

Since 1993, Motley Fool has provided investors with quality research and stock picks. With over 20 subscriptions available for different products, you can find a suitable subscription regardless of your investing style.

If you aren’t sure which product to get, Motley Fool combines its three top subscriptions—Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, and Everlasting Stocks—into one low-priced package, known as the Epic Bundle.

These three subscriptions excellently complement each other, allowing you to build a well-diversified portfolio for medium and long-term investing. And when you purchase Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, and Everlasting Stocks through the Epic Bundle, you’ll only pay $499 per year—saving an incredible 38% off the price of the individual subscriptions.

You can get this great price plus any additional promotions by signing up here.

What Comes in the Epic Bundle?

Motley Fool’s Epic Bundle combines its top three subscriptions—Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, and its newest subscription, Everlasting Stocks.

Let’s look at what you get with each subscription.

Stock Advisor

Stock Advisor is Motley Fool’s flagship service. Since Motley Fool co-founders Dave and Tom Gardner started Stock Advisor in 2003, it has returned over 400% profits, beating average market returns four times over.

With Stock Advisor, you get two new stock picks twice a month, on the first and third Thursdays. These are delivered via live video stream, and you’ll get to see why Stock Advisor’s team of analysts chose that particular stock.

You also can set up your account to receive the picks via text and email. And you won’t just get the picks themselves. You’ll also receive a full written report on each stock.

And that’s not all you get with Stock Advisor. You’ll also have access to Best Buys Now, which will help you further build your fully diversified portfolio.

You can read this Stock Advisor review to learn more about Stock Advisor. Stock Advisor is typically priced at $199 per year.

Rule Breakers

The Gardner brothers started Rule Breakers in the wake of Stock Advisor’s runaway success. It shares a similar format to Stock Advisor—stock picks twice a month—but Rule Breakers announces its picks on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.

What sets Rule Breakers apart from Stock Advisors is these are riskier, hyper-growth stocks that the rest of the market has not necessarily discovered yet. A few Rule Breakers stocks have since achieved returns above 20,000%.

Rule Breakers stocks are typically companies with a great idea, service, or product that hasn’t yet been widely adopted. While Rule Breakers analysts do their best to ferret out potential losers, these stocks are riskier because the companies behind them can fold instead of achieving success.

But with significant risk comes the potential of great rewards. You don’t want to invest your entire nest egg into Rule Breakers, but it’s a great place to squirrel away some disposable income.

Read this  Rule Breakers review to find out the ins and outs of Rule Breakers. The normal subscription price for Rule Breakers is $299 annually.

Everlasting Stocks

Both Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor are excellent, but they are geared toward medium-term saving—investments that will pay off in around five years.

Motley Fool recommends that investors buy and hold Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers stocks for at least five years in a stock portfolio that contains at least 25 stocks. Holding Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor stocks beyond the five-year mark isn’t always advisable, but Motley Fool always lets you know where they stand on their previous picks.

However, Everlasting Stocks are comprised of stocks that you can “buy today and hold forever.” The idea behind these stocks is they are great additions to your portfolio long-term. You won’t necessarily get two new picks per month, but you will get access to 20-25 Everlasting Stocks right away.

The best way to start your stock portfolio is to buy Everlasting Stock picks now and then considering the monthly Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers picks.

To read more about Everlasting Stocks, including a comprehensive list of things you receive with the service, check out this Everlasting Stocks review. Everlasting Stocks is usually priced at $299 per year.

Motley Fool Epic Bundle: Final Thoughts

Motley Fool’s Epic Bundle is perfect for investors who want to buy individual stocks and need access to excellent research to power their choices.

You don’t have to buy everything the three services recommend, and you shouldn’t if you don’t believe Motley Fool’s analysis will pan out. The great thing about Motley Fool is you get the research backing the picks, enabling you to make the decisions for yourself.

Epic Bundle is backed with Motley Fool’s 30-day guarantee like its other products. So you have nothing to lose by signing up for the service and trying it out.

If Epic Bundle sounds like it might be good for you, sign up here to get current promotions on the Epic Bundle.

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