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Should You Restore or Replace Your Roof? Here’s How to Decide!

Need help deciding between replacing and restoring your roof? You are not alone! The goal of a roof replacement is to remove your current roof and install a new one. On the contrary, a Roof Restoration gives your existing roof a new life by addressing all potential problems. Both options need to be clarified. But you can make the right choice by considering:

  • Your budget
  • The current condition of your roof
  • The time and money you can spend

Is your roof significantly damaged? Or are you looking to save on costs? Remember that replacement gives you a brand-new roof with a longer lifespan. However, restoration will fix current issues and prevent future damage. Replacement is the best option for significant damage, while restoration is excellent for smaller fixes.

Let’s try to figure out which option may be best suited for your house:

Suitability for Different Roof Types

When determining suitability for different roof types, it is critical to consider how well each option fits your specific roof structure. Roof restoration is a versatile method used on various roof types, including asphalt shingles, metal, tile, and more. It addresses common problems such as leaks and minor damage to roofing materials.

Roof Type Expected Lifespan Signs of Replacement Signs of Restoration

Metal Roofing


40-70 years Extensive rust or corrosion,

major leaks, and

denting or punctures

Loose or missing panels.

Minor rust spots, minor leaks, and fading or chalking.


Asphalt Shingles 20-30 years Curling, buckling, or cracking shingles, significant missing shingles, exposed underlayment, and frequent leaks. Moss or algae growth, Minor shingle tears or missing granules, and reduced shingle flexibility.
Cedar Shake Roofing 20-30 years Rotting or warping shingles,

curling or cupping shingles, moss growth that’s difficult to remove, and frequent leaks.

Minor moss growth, missing or damaged shingles, and fading or discoloration.


Roof Replacement allows you to upgrade or change your roofing material completely. This option is best if your current roof type needs to be updated or repaired beyond repair. You can also consider it if you want a different aesthetic or performance feature, like increased durability or energy efficiency. Determine the compatibility of each option with your current roof type. Furthermore, you can consider any potential structural modifications required to make the right decision.

Roof Replacement

Cost Considerations

Restoring your roof is generally less expensive than replacing it. You can save up to half the price of a new roof by restoring your existing one. However, roof replacement can be more expensive as it requires the removal of your old roof. The replacement cost varies depending on factors such as roof size and materials.

The average costs per square foot for the various roofing materials in Georgia and across the U.S. that you should consider for your roofing project are:

Material Cost per Sq.Ft. (Georgia) Cost per Sq.Ft. (National Average)
Asphalt shingles $3 – $5 $4.33
Architectural shingles $4 – $10 $5 – $15
Cedar $7 – $12 $4.50 – $9
Metal $7 – $15 $4.76 – $33.15
Concrete tiles $10 – $20 $5.99
Clay tiles $12 – $25 $8.62
Slate tiles $12 – $25 $11.93

You can consult a roofing company to help you compare both options. They will ensure you choose the best option for your finances and home maintenance needs.

Extent of Work Involved

If your roof is damaged or requires structural repairs, replacement may be ideal. Roof replacement involves completely removing the old roof and installing a new one. As a homeowner, I know this can be more time-consuming and disruptive. You can determine whether restoration or replacement is the best course of action based on your particular needs.

Energy Efficiency

How will each option affect your home’s energy consumption and comfort? Roof restoration frequently involves the application of new coatings or materials that improve insulation and reflectivity. As a homeowner, this could reduce your heating and cooling costs. This process helps to keep indoor temperatures more stable throughout the year.

Conversely, roof replacement allows you to install newer, more energy-efficient materials that meet current insulation and reflectivity needs. This option may provide long-term energy savings and increased comfort compared to older or damaged roofs.


Durability and Longevity

Durability and longevity also matter when deciding between replacement or restoration. Both options can influence your decision as they determine how long your roof will withstand elements. If you consider roof restoration, it can improve the durability of your existing roof by addressing leaks and applying protective finishes, which will extend its lifespan. However, if your roof is heavily damaged or nearing the end of its expected lifespan, you may prefer replacement as a more durable option. A New Roof Installation can provide superior longevity, possibly lasting several decades with proper maintenance.

Check For Warranties

Many roofing materials include warranties that cover defects and performance guarantees. When restoring your roof, ensure the materials and workmanship are covered under warranty. Restoration work warranties typically last 5 to 15 years, depending on the contractor and the materials used. In contrast, warranties on roof replacements can vary greatly depending on the type of roofing material used. Asphalt shingles may come with warranties of 20 to 30 years or more. On the other hand, metal roofs frequently have longer warranties, sometimes up to 50 years or even lifetime warranties.

So, remember to review and compare warranties to determine the long-term value and protection each option offers for your investment.

Timeline and Disruption

Timeline and disruption are essential considerations before you make the final call. You must consider how much time you can devote to work and the disruption you will tolerate at home. Do you need the roof work completed quickly, or can you accept a more extended project timeline?

Remember that roof restoration projects require less time and disruption than total replacements. Restorations typically last a few days to a week, depending on the scope of work. But if it’s about the replacement, it can take several weeks, especially for larger homes or complex roof structures. Therefore, you should review your schedule and the disruption you can tolerate while the roofing job is done.

Maintenance Requirements

Many homeowners need to consider maintenance requirements when deciding between the two options. This oversight can result in unexpected costs and hassles in the future, such as frequent repairs or premature roof replacements. Choose a roofing solution that matches your maintenance capabilities and preferences to avoid these issues. Roof restoration requires regular inspections and touch-ups to keep it in good condition. However, a new roof installed as a replacement may require less maintenance at first.

Feature Metal Roofing Asphalt Shingles Cedar Shake Roofing


Estimated Lifespan 40-70 years 20-30 years 20-30 years
Maintenance Frequency Low Moderate High
Inspections Every 2-3 years Every 1-2 years Every year

However, conducting periodic inspections and maintenance will still be beneficial. So, what do you think about this? You can consider the maintenance requirements of each option based on your availability and willingness to maintain your roof.

Resale Value Impact

Roof replacement can increase curb appeal. It can reassure potential buyers that your property is well-maintained. A new roof increases the home’s value and attracts buyers looking for a low-maintenance investment. Likewise, roof restoration can improve the appearance and functionality of an existing roof. But it will attract buyers looking for low-cost maintenance. However, the impact on resale value may be less than that of a complete roof replacement.


Both roof restoration and replacement can provide considerable advantages depending on your specific needs. Consider the above factors when deciding the best option for your home.

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