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Should you buy instagram followers ? – Main pros and Cons


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Here people share photos and videos of their lives, hobbies, work, travels. But how to make your account noticed and interesting? One way is buying instagram followers.

How buying followers can help?

Perhaps, you wonder what happens when you buy  followers, likes, comments, views and other indicators of activity on your profile. It can help you:

✅draw attention to your content and brand;

✅increase the trust and loyalty of the audience;

✅improve positions in ratings and recommendations;

✅increase revenue from advertising and cooperation with partners.

Factors which determine the price of Instagram Followers

The price of Instagram promotion depends on several factors, mainly the price of followers relies on:

the number and quality of the desired followers (live or bots, target audience or random people);

the speed and duration of the promotion (quickly or gradually, at one time or constantly);

method (automatic or manual, through specialized services or independently).

On average, the price for 1000 followers varies from 10 to 50 USD. The price for 1000 likes is from 5 to 25 USD. The price for 1000 views is from 3 to 15 USD.

Safety regulations

Buying instagram followers is generally safe, but you need to abide certain regulations, so the followers do not drop,or other restrictions not imposed on your account. To avoid this, follow these rules:

do not buy too many followers and likes in a short time;

do not use unreliable and suspicious services for increasing followers;

do not share your username and password from your account with third parties;

do not forget about the quality of your content and interaction with a real audience.

Buying followers: is it worth it?

Buying Instagram followers is a controversial way to promote on Instagram. On the one hand, it can help you create the appearance of popularity and attract new interested users. On the other hand, it can damage your reputation and break Instagram rules.

Therefore, before buying subscribers, weigh the pros and cons. If you want to get a real and loyal audience that will be interested in your content and interact with you, then it’s better not to do it. If you just want to increase your numbers and attract the attention of potential advertisers or partners, then follower boost from 1000seguidores can be one of the tools of your strategy.

How to choose a service

If you decide to promote Instagram through a specialized service, then you need to be very careful and thorough when choosing. Not all services offer quality and safe services. Some of them may deceive you, block your account or damage your reputation.

To choose a good Instagram promotion service, pay attention to the following criteria:

reviews and ratings of other users;

guarantees and conditions of return of money;

payment methods and protection of personal data;

the ability to configure the wrapping parameters (speed, quantity, quality);

customer support and advice.

One of these services is The site offers a wide range of services for boosting subscribers, likes, views, comments and other indicators of activity on various social networks, including Instagram. It has a high rating and positive feedback from users. The site guarantees quality and safety, as well as the possibility of order cancellation and refund in case of problems.

How to check efficiency

You can use various analytics tools and metrics to check Instagram promotion.

For example, you can:

compare the number of subscribers, likes, comments, views before and after;

evaluate the quality of subscribers by their activity, interests, geography, demographics;

measure the conversion of subscribers into customers, buyers, partners;

calculate the return on investment (ROI) in Instagram promotion;

get feedback from your audience about your content and brand.

Remember that buying instagram followers is not a guarantee of success. The main thing is the quality of your content and your uniqueness. This is the only way you can earn the trust and respect of your audience and achieve your goals.

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