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Should You Buy Flatback Crystals?

Flatback Crystals

Flatback crystals are increasingly common in various DIY, fashion, and craft projects around the world today. These gems can adorn almost anything with elegance and sparkle, and the answer is yes. Yes, you should buy flatback crystals.

However, before purchasing flatback crystals, it is crucial to consider a few factors to ascertain if they are the best option for your creative work. Let’s explore the different characteristics and qualities of flatbacks to help you decide whether to buy them or not.

Why You Should Buy Flatback Crystals

The following are the benefits of making use of flatback crystals in your work:

Decorative Versatility

Flatback crystals are incredibly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and materials. These crystals can be used to create beautiful designs that instantly improve the appearance of many items, ranging from clothing, accessories, and shoes to home décor items and crafts.


Their flat bottom allows for easy application using adhesive techniques, making them popular among professional designers and DIY enthusiasts.

Various Sizes, Shapes, and Colours

Flatback crystals come in many sizes, shapes, and colours, providing users with an endless pool of crystals to choose from. So if you want to purchase flatback crystals, chances are you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in whatever shape or size you desire. Flatbacks are also available in a wide spectrum of colours that can help you achieve your desired aesthetic hue.


The main options in terms of type and colours include Flatback Crystals, HOTFIX, Round, burgundy and several others that you can explore.

Easy Application Techniques

Flatback crystals, as their name implies, come with a flat back that makes them easily applicable to various surfaces using adhesive techniques. Regarding application techniques, the two main types of flatback crystals are hotfix and non-hotfix. While hotfix flatbacks come with pre-applied glue, non-hotfix flatbacks require manual glue application while fixing them.

These two options can yield excellent results, and you can choose between them depending on the intended use. For instance, hotfix flatbacks will not be good on body aesthetic projects like make-up and nail fixing because they need heat to be applied. Similarly, non-hotfix flatbacks are not great for decorating clothing items, as the gum could easily smear the fabric.

What to Consider when Buying Flatback Crystals

Before purchasing a flatback crystal of any kind, here are a few things to consider:

Quality and Durability

The most important thing to consider when purchasing flatback crystals is how quality they possess and how long they can last. Focus your attention only on reputable brands that manufacture high-quality crystals, such as Preciosa and Swarovski.

Also, pay attention to the clarity, colour and cutting of these crystals to ensure that they can remain glued to your creative projects for as long as you need.


Your budget is another thing to consider before buying flatback crystals, as they are available in different price ranges. While some may be more affordable, others that are of a higher quality and making may be more expensive. Therefore, you need a budget to help ensure you get exactly what you need without overspending.

When drafting your budget, consider the specific requirement of the project you need them for, as regards crystal quantity and overall quality.

Personal Preferences

At the end of the day, the decision to buy flatback crystals comes down to your personal preferences and the end result you visualise for your project. Therefore, it is important to consider your true needs before purchasing. If you are after versatility, variety and ease, then flatback crystals may be just what you need.

Official Reseller

If you are looking to purchase flatback crystals produced by popular crystal brands, then you must only transact with an official reseller. This is because there are several deceitful vendors out there who are looking to sell cheap replicas as real ones. To avoid wasting your money and time on fake flatbacks when dealing with new, you can do the following:

  • Request for a certificate of authenticity
  • Review their crystal grading system
  • Read reviews about them
  • Ask them for references that you can speak to


Flatback crystals allow you to add sparkle and shine to your fashion or DIY projects without much stress. If you do decide to buy them, ensure that you take the time to explore the different options available to you. Do this by experimenting with samples and relying on your instincts to create designs that resonate with your style.











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