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Should Boston Be Your Next Marketing Target City?

Need to grow your brand by reaching new or fresh target demographics in cities or states aside from your business’s home turf? Or do you want to simply improve your brand awareness by making your company seem like a staple of its industry in the mind of the general public? In these cases and more, you need to find new target cities to launch marketing campaigns within.

Boston could be a great place to launch a new marketing campaign. But it comes with critical challenges and limitations to understand before you place your first ad. Let’s break down whether Boston should be your next marketing target city in detail. 

Boston’s Population

For starters, Boston might be a great target city for your advertising efforts due to its high population. As of 2022, Boston has over 667,000 people. But that doesn’t take into account the nearly 4.7 million people in the greater Boston area.

In total, you could potentially reach an advertising audience of nearly 5 million people with the right billboards, TV ads, and other advertising types if you market in Boston. Boston is an important city because it’s the most populous in Massachusetts, as well as one of the most populous metropolitan areas on the eastern seaboard and in the US overall.

Naturally, this impacts the cost of advertising in Boston heavily. Still, even if billboards in Boston cost more to put up, for instance, it might be worthwhile given the sheer number of eyeballs you can get in front of your brand’s ads.

Boston Residents Walk a Lot

But there’s another reason why Boston could be an excellent marketing city for the future. Its residents walk all the time.

Outdoor advertising is contingent on people spending time outdoors, either walking or driving on the freeway. But while freeway billboards can be effective, they also only have a handful of seconds to draw attention to themselves and convince prospective customers to make purchases.

Since Boston residents walk everywhere, that means they spend more time looking at billboards and other advertisement types, such as stadium ads, flying ads, or anything else! Some of the most heavily trafficked areas in Boston have a particularly nice “walk score,” meaning they are perfect for advertising. These locations include Harvard Square, Beacon Hill, Bay Village, and Boston’s North End.

Even better, many of the above locations are prime tourist locations. If you create the perfect ads that speak to local tourist attractions, for example, you could see excellent returns on your marketing investments just by advertising in these walk-heavy areas.

Billboard Opportunities

Above, we’ve mentioned Boston billboards several times, and for good reason. Boston is awash in billboard opportunities. There are over 4000 total advertising options throughout the Boston metropolitan area. Those could be perfect places to stick billboard advertisements for your brand.

Even better, while some billboard locations can be pricy, some are relatively affordable. The average cost of Boston billboards is $601, and the average impression rate for a billboard advertisement is over 87,000.

Bottom line: when it comes to billboard advertising, Boston is one of the best cities bar none.

Stadium Ad Options

Boston is also a major sports city. Take the Boston Red Sox or the New England Patriots: two popular major league sports teams that have raving groups of fans who live around the Boston area.

Those teams have their own dedicated sports stadiums. With the right marketing strategy, you could place effective and highly converting advertisements within these stadium locations. Not only can you market to Boston residents during football and baseball games, but you can also market to people who come to these stadiums for other entertainment events and venues, like concerts and shows.

Stadium advertising is highly effective in Boston given its prevalence, the importance of local stadiums, and the affordable rates at which you can advertise in these locations.

Ad Traffic for Travelers

Lastly, Boston is a heavily international city. The city attracts millions of tourists each year, and many people come to Boston specifically for college or temporary work conferences/professional opportunities.

That means you can easily place effective advertisements around Logan International Airport, Boston’s most important air terminal, or at other heavily trafficked travel hubs. Ad traffic for travelers can be difficult to cultivate and capture, but not in Boston. With Boston advertising, you can feasibly advertise not just the Boston residents but the people around the country or around the world.

In the end, Boston could be a great city to target for your upcoming marketing campaign. It’s populous, has plenty of different advertising options, and lots of space for foot traffic ads, like billboards. Consider your marketing budget and goals carefully, then take the leap if Boston seems like a good new city to target for your marketing efforts!

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