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Shop Around Your Zorb Ball at Kameymall

When you are scrolling down multiple websites for particular things, you certainly come across multiple options. But today we are telling you about the online shopping site that is worthy of bookmarking- kameymall. This is one of the best eCommerce places that have gathered tons of variety in daily home appliances and much more. Zorb balls are best for a school activity, gathering, gathering, kid’s birthday parties, and as an outdoor sports activity that heats with joy and pleasure.

You can get everyone from fashion to lifestyle, home improvement to automobile fashion to health and whatnot. However today we are exclusively telling you about the newline Zorb ball that you should look in. At kameymall, you have the best quality plus the options that meet your requirement. So let’s take an overview of the Zorb ball and what it is.

What is a Human Hamster Ball?

Zorb balls or human hamster balls are the same things with different names. Not to get confused. The Zorb ball is made with flexible plastic and PVC material to ensure bouncing and shock regardless of the rolling and jumping. Zorbing is the most adventurous sport that is super exciting for youngsters and kids. Also, there are very many different types of Zorb balls, for instance, dry Zorb balls and wet Zorb balls.

To keep the safety standards highly highlighted, you can also opt for the harness ball which holds you in a secure place inside the double-layered ball and then you roll with even more safety.  The huge transparent ball lets you see outside plus you can also play with other players on the flat grounds.

What does a zorb ball offer for safety?

For best safety standards the Zorb ball comes with two spate dedicated balls. There is a huge ball that is outside of the ball and a smaller ball that is under the huge ball. The inner ball is what keeps you from shock and absorption. The Zorb ball is made in the range between 1.5m and 2.5m.

Age Groups for Zorbing

However, you should always pick the size according to your height, age, and weight so that you can roll, run and float with comfort. At kameymall, you have the size of the zorbing verified as follows:

  • 1.5m diameter
  • 2.5m diameter
  • 1.5m diameter
  • 3m diameter
  • 7m diameter
  • 1.2m diameter
  • 2.4*2.2*1.8m

Recommended Zorb Balls you should give a shot at Kameymall

Bubble Soccer Giant Hamster Ball Red Dot Football Suit Balls You Get In Kameymall

Product name:  Shipping 1.5m national association of bubble soccer, bubble football-red dot
Size: 1.5m dia.
Material: 0.8mm PVC
Colors:  half blue logo logo
Logo printing:  You can with our cust service shipping shipping
Shipping  Cost:  You can contact our custservicece
Age recommendations: 6 years or above
Certific ates:  CE/UL/SGS
Accesso ries: carry bag for each ball, repair kit

Bubble Soccer Inflatable Ball Suits Human Sized Giant Plastic Red for Sale Kameymall

Color:  Optional colorize
Size:  diameter OEMer
OEM:  Logo printing or customized design is acceptable, You can contact our customer service
MOQ: 1 piece/piece es
Age:  For 6-45 years 
Usage: Sports, outdoor and indoor entertainment, backyard, Grass grand, park etc. 
Logo printing:  You can co with our cusservice certificates
Certifi cates:  CE/UL/SGS
Delivery time: 4-10 working days after payment
Shipping  Cost:  shipping to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia

Bubble Soccer 2.5m Blue Zorb Ball Inflatables Transparent Wholesale Kameymall

Size: 2.5m diameter
Material: 0.8mm PVC
C colors:  clear logoar
Logo printing: (please send logo to service
Shipping  Cost: Shipping to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia
Delivery time: 4-10 working days after payment
Certifi cates:  CE/UL/SGS
Warranty: 1-year quality guarantee and repair kit
Access ories:  carry bag for each ball, repair kit, pump


In a word, if you are buying a Zorb ball online, kameymall brings you affordable price ranges and hot sales that become abound for shoppers.

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