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Shmulik Fishman – Argyle and Forbes Feature

Shmulik Fishman

How is the future of an industry shaped? Is it by bold, innovative thinking? The willingness to take risks? Or, perhaps it’s in having a reverence for that industry and how it operates before you decide to reinvent or improve it?

After all, great musicians must learn the classical composition of music theory before properly and creatively playing their instruments and writing music as appropriate. The same principle can be applied to business life, and how we effectively streamline and prioritize our operations from now into the future.

Argyle, a company founded by Shmulik Fishman, aims to streamline the needs of comprehensive employment data management, security, and utility, improving function without cutting vital features used in the industry thus far.

About Argyle

Argyle is the leading employment data platform. It compiles profile, employment, payout, activities, and pay distribution data to make sure you can plan each employee’s stay at a firm, all the way from identity verification before onboarding, to direct deposit changes and earned wage access.

It is software geared to helping managers remove the unnecessary busywork between their recording systems and managing their staff, and with the data concretely stored in such a secure and easily referred to manner, it is being adopted by companies all across the market.

About Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman is a start-up expert with experience in business intelligence and sales. After operating as COO for STRATIM, and working amongst the S1 team at,

Shmulik is geared towards thinking of the future, not only in terms of considering market trends but in looking at the most fundamental elements of how a market is driven. This comes from his years of experience both earning a philosophy and business degree at Hampshire College and Columbia University respectively.

Shmulik’s Forbes Feature

Shmulik has taken his talent for keynote speaking and contributing to panels and applied that to his recent Forbes featured post – Fintech Is On A Mission To Change The Credit Score As It’s Known.

In this post, Shmulik deftly explains how flaws in the FICO system have not only led to disparate outcomes in credit rating capabilities but how FICO comprises the average credit formula.

In line with the work of managing employment data metrics, Shmulik and his experience at Argyle offer a unique perspective – how credit scoring can more accurately assess financial health and why fintech, with the billions of dollars in investments flowing through its industry, shoulders some of the burdens for implementing those changes.

For instance, he posits that regular life expenses competently held (like rent), not just credit contracts, could positively influence a credit score to gain the full picture of someone’s financial health. It’s clear to see how with this attitude, Argyle is quickly becoming one of the leading and most versatile employment data platforms out there.

You can view Shmulik Fishman’s Forbes profile here, and view his credentials as part of the Forbes technology council.

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