Shivom gets integrated into Jaxx and launches its token on Coinbene and Kucoin

The world currently faces so many genetic related issues. There are so many genetic diseases which still don’t have an answer. The leading cause of this problem is the fact that there is no proper system to record this genomic information, in order to conduct further research. Hence, Shivom project is making use of the blockchain technology to create a genomic database that holds the genetic information of everyone.

When the white paper of the project was announced, many dubbed the project as an over-ambitious project. However, these people missed out on their blockbuster of a pre-sale which sold out in just 15 seconds! The team themselves had not expected to see such great response. However, since the pre-sale, they have amped up their work and are all set to take some big strides.  

Introduction to Shivom Project

The Shivom project makes use of the Ethereum blockchain to store the genomic data of each and every person on this planet. By doing this, it becomes easy for the research labs to gain access to the genetic data of the people, which in turn, helps them in their research to eradicate any genetic diseases.

The OmiX token:

The native currency on the Shivom platform is the OmiX token. OmiX is a utility token that is used to pay for all the services offered by the Shivom platform. This token is also used to reward the people who provide their genetic data to the platform, thereby, helping the database grow.

After the huge success of the pre-sale, the project caught the attention of many major industry players. It was due to this reason that the token is set to be available on both Coinbene and Kucoin, two of the highest volume exchanges out there. Both these exchanges see a ton of crypto being traded every day and will be exactly what the mix token will need.

Once you buy your OmiX token on either of these exchanges, you would want it in your local wallet. Hence, the OmiX token is also being implemented on the Jaxx wallet. Jaxx is also a highly trusted and widely used multi-currency wallet. This makes the token more popular in the community.


  • Research labs: The ease with which genetic information is going to be available to the research labs makes it easier and cheaper to conduct research to eradicate genetic diseases and promote better understanding of DNA.
  • To the public: Since the people are rewarded for the information they provide, they are already benefitted. The data shared by the people remain anonymous, thereby, also protecting the user’s privacy. Additionally, they support the combined cause to stop genetic diseases. Thus, this makes the world we live in a better place.
  • The OmiX token also has a ton of uses of its own. People can buy services such as health insurances on the platform by making use of the OmiX token.


The Shivom project aims to create a revolution in the health data industry. The project saw a more than expected demand during its pre-sale. Hence, its integration on Coinbene and Kucoin will ensure that the demand for the token is satisfied without any problems.

This also gives further exposure to the project and also helps create awareness of the same amongst more people. All in all, this move was beneficial and was certainly in the right direction for the project.

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