Shinsekai Is All Set To Bring Manga Art In The Metaverse with NFT

The NFT trend is still going strong, with innovative ideas being brought forth daily. One of them is the Shinsekai project which intends to change both the manga and anime industries. This is what Shinsekai is bringing to the table; it’s the idea to create a world that evolves with the characters we love and invest in them with our hearts and minds.

At first glance, you might think that this is just yet another blockchain project in a seemingly endless ocean of NFT-based blockchain projects,, but there’s one thing that sets it apart from others – the story. While other projects propose a blockchain protocol that only facilitates monetary transactions, Shinsekai focuses on narrative.

Shinsekai’s mission is to change how we read and watch manga and anime. It proposes a story that reflects the dreams of the global community—all about collaboration, friendship, and of course, the love for our beloved characters.

Shinsekai is a decentralized project that intends to incorporate the characteristics of blockchain technology in both the creation and distribution of its content. In other words, it is a highly disruptive project that will reshape the way the industry operates and evolve with it for the better. These two art forms are constantly changing, adapting to new technologies and changing with the times. They will always keep adapting to the changes, so they must be the first to adapt to the latest technology. This is what Shinsekai promises to deliver.

The NFT revolution is still young, and it’s going to grow bigger in number before diving into the mainstream media, which means it’s an exciting time for innovation and creativity. And Shinsekai has a lot of energy on their side.

The artist behind Cedric Kashama, a renowned 3D artist, comes out with the idea of creating crypto-based characters. Accordingly, he approached this crazy idea to the executive board of mangaverse and since then, we’ve been following the evolution of this project.

The first 2000 buyers who purchase Shinsekai’s project will receive particles that will transform their characters’ appearance. There are also plans to sell these particles separately.

The idea is to create a set of characters that will shape their own story, but in a different way than other projects do. The metaverse is already quite big, so 3D artists have to be careful when designing and creating new characters. They have to make sure that they’re tailor-made and ready for specific roles. Shinsekai will have the upper hand by designing and creating new characters one after the other.

Shinsekai is going for global recognition. According to Cedric Kashama, the artist behind this innovative project, this project is designed to be equivalent to real-world anime and manga.

The characters are really good and quite detailed. One of the main reasons why this project’s art is great lies in the high level of detail that Cedric Kashama puts into his design as well as in his communication with the fans.

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