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Shift In Bitcoin (BTC) Following Large Exchange Withdrawals, What This Means For PEPE and RCOF

In the ongoing crypto bull run, RCO Finance (RCOF) has shown incredible potential to become one of the best crypto investments. On the other hand, PEPE has faced a downtick in market sentiments. 

Amidst all this chaos, Bitcoin (BTC) has witnessed large exchange withdrawals, hinting at a possible shift in market dynamics. Will this affect PEPE and RCOF’s price action? Let’s find out.

Massive Bitcoin Withdrawal from Crypto Exchanges

According to technical analyst Ali Martinez, approximately 22,647 Bitcoins worth around $1.57 billion have been withdrawn from crypto exchanges in the past week. This large BTC withdrawal hints at a potential market shift. 

In addition, the actual reason behind this staggering withdrawal of Bitcoin’s token remains speculative. Some market experts said it was due to the movement of investors’ assets into private wallets for security reasons, while others invoked this as a long-term holding.

However, this massive withdrawal could undoubtedly impact the liquidity of the cryptocurrency in the market. 

On the other hand, BTC’s price dropped significantly right after the first week of June. So, Bitcoin has struggled to gain a bullish grip. The price of BTC has plummeted from around $71,700 to $68,600, registering a loss of 4.32%.

Subsequently, BTC’s price again marginally rebounded to $69,400 in the second week of June. 

With Bitcoin’s significant movement, investors speculate about bullish trends in the upcoming trading sessions. Ali said that BTC will target $89,200 in the coming months. Such a price action might also positively impact top altcoins like PEPE and RCOF.

The Emergence of RCO Finance Has Raised Bar High for Crypto AI

If anyone wants to take advantage of the real-world asset tokenization revolution, RCO Finance is a go-to DeFi project. The perfect fusion of ease and innovation of RCO Finance ensures seamless operation of DeFi activities. 

Its trailblazing AI-powered robo-advisor has thrived in the crypto market. That’s because it offers personalized investment strategies based on clients’ imminent goals, market scenarios, and investment risks.

Emerging as a crypto sensation, RCO Finance is fully autonomous and leverages machine learning algorithms’ power in its trading platform.

Additionally, RCO Finance enhances investing options by unlocking investments in over 12,500 different asset classes. Moreover, the platform is fully secure as SolidProof has audited its smart contract.

PEPE Faces Downturn Momentum

PEPE, one of the top meme coins, ticked a new all-time high of $0.0000169 in late May. The aggressive rally of PEPE since mid-April has contributed to its ascending trendline. Following that, PEPE’s price cooled off after hitting peak value. 

However, there was only a small price correction in the first week of June. PEPE started losing momentum just after Bitcoin lost its support level. The price of PEPE reacted instantly and followed the downtrend.

Notably, PEPE has lost 18.96% of gains in the past week. After that, PEPE was trading at around $0.0000124 in the second week of June.

Despite facing a recent downturn, PEPE still offered a buying signal. The PEPE coin price was above the 50-day EMA. Crypto analysts insist that PEPE still has room for significant growth.

Market analysts note that if PEPE flips the resistance at $0.0000133, its price will hit $0.0000159 in the coming months. 

Enjoy Outstanding Gains with RCOF!

Since its presale debut, RCOF has taken center stage in the crypto world. With an impressive price trajectory and impeccable utility, RCOF is all set to dominate once launched in the mainstream market.

Currently, RCOF retails at $0.0127 in Stage 1 of the presale. There are 98,000,000 RCOF tokens allocated at this stage, of which over 18% have been grabbed by investors.

So far, RCO Finance has amassed $210 thousand in funding. The exciting part is that Stage 1 investors can receive up to 3,000% ROI when RCOF skyrockets its listing price of around $0.4. So, you must hurry up, as RCOF remains the best crypto to buy now!

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