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SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE Digital Art NFT Auction by RtistiQ, May 12-15

RtistiQ’s groundbreaking NFT Art Auction SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE is an NFT drop by 14 exceptionally talented and acclaimed female artists. The auction epitomizes female representation, equal opportunities and inclusivity in the world of art and NFTs. The online auction takes place live on RtistiQ, May 12-15. Collectors can place their bids on any of the NFTs during the auction period at: 


It is a well known fact that there is a significant under-representation of women in several sectors.  Despite being in its infancy, web3 is one of them. The volume and value of NFT art and collectibles sales is taking off but only 5% of NFT art sales went to women creators, in 21 months to November 2021. This number is staggering and indicative of an impediment to the creation of a gender-equal world. In response to this, RtistiQ announced their initiative to champion equality by onboarding the next generation of women NFT creators and bridge this startling gender gap.

RtistiQ’s CEO Jothi Menon commented “This year’s International Women’s Day theme ‘break the bias’ raised an opportunity to reflect on the past years, do something different and advance gender parity.  While I am seeing increasing commitment to gender equality, more action is needed especially in  NFTs, web3, the blockchain and crypto. Via this auction we would like to help change the trajectory for women NFT creators and accelerate progress”.

Why Should I Bid?

Here are five reasons why you should know about SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE and ensure you bid:

  1. NFTs Linked to Successful Physical Works of Art: You will get to own meaningful NFTs minted after bold physical works. The creators are emerging and established artists who are already enjoying the physical art market’s validation. Their art is valued by collectors around the world. This is the first time their works are being brought into the Metaverse as NFTs.
  2. Dedicated to Gender Equality and Advancement of Women: Putting the spotlight on the 14 women artists can serve as a leveler for women NFT creators, so that web3 can truly go mainstream in an equitable manner. Every art lover or NFT collector should know about these artists. The rise of the Metaverse means that this exciting new VR world needs to be enriched by whimsical creations that come in many styles and explore different concepts: abstract, figurative spiritual, feminist, Pop Art, Expressionism, Naive Art, or  Graffiti. This full gamut of art will be a part of the auction.
  3. Rare & Unique Digital Assets: The auction is an excellent opportunity to grab collectables and to celebrate a community. Collectors would want to own these rare and ultrarare visually arresting digital NFT art. 
  4. Appeal to Different Types of Collectors: Great for all three – art collectors, NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts. NFT Collectors get to expand their collection horizon to art and art collectors have the opportunity to expand their portfolio into web3. Anyone can use these artworks for real-life display or in their metaverse space.  
  5. Worth Collecting for Future Use or Reselling: In the last two years, the concept of NFTs as an investment has burst into the world in an unprecedented way. These NFTs hold a great investment potential with faster liquidity and multiple marketplaces offering resell opportunities.

RtistiQ wants to set the tone for a bumper 2022 in the world of NFTs by building a platform where all talent is welcomed, fostered and invested. 71 unique physical art-based NFTs are being offered for sale in an inspiring auction that aims to break the cocoon of gender stereotypes. Female artists are ready to take the web3 by storm. Are you ready to appreciate the potential? 

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