SHAZU – Get Ready for Ninja-Powered Financial Freedom

Shazu, a community-centered crypto initiative, aims to give people a better chance at financial freedom. The project features a unique collection of PFP (picture-for-proof) NFT cards, but it is much more than that. It comes with a fascinating background story, reflection reward tokens, and a Scratch-2-Mint card game.

Generally, Shazu has the tools to build a financially free community, striving to be an accurate representation of a knit-tight crypto group. Read on to discover more about this new and exciting NFT project!

The Shazu Story – A Ninja’s Quest for Financial Freedom

The inspiration behind the project comes from the unique story of Shazu, the protector of an infinite treasure sitting between the Ethernal Realm and Bininja Plateau. Shazu guarded the treasure with the help of his ninja army of silent assassins. Moreover, only a special, pure-at-heart soul could possess its infinite wealth.

Nevertheless, evil and dishonest forces tried to take control of the treasure. Ragon, the demon king of the Ethernal Realm, created an army of evil spirits and a terrifying warrior capable of stealing the treasure from Shazu and his ninjas.

Shazu’s ability to protect the treasure was fading. So, he knew he had to fulfill the ancient prophecy of finding the worthy warrior that could wield the infinite treasure and destroy Ragon.

Fortunately, a spirit visited Shazu while in a trance and told him about the souls living on “Earth,” who would make great warriors against Ragon’s army. They can wield the necessary power to defeat the evil spirits by possessing paintings revealing their true forms.

These paintings connect the two worlds, enabling Shazu to awaken and recruit the ancient warriors. Now, they are scattered across the Earth, waiting for the worthy warriors to obtain and use them, thus unleashing financial freedom.

How the Shazu Community can Fight for Financial Independence

Shazu’s inspiring story is also a call to action for all those willing to battle the evil forces and protect the treasure. Their reward will eventually be financial independence. But how will that work?

The answer is simple – by participating in the many Shazu activities and using the project’s rewarding features.

For instance, people can become Shazu community members by purchasing SHAZU, a token on Binance Smart Chain. The token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, going towards rewards, reflections, and burning.

Anyone can buy SHAZU tokens at PancakeSwap. Additionally, people can buy one of the 1,500 Shazu Ninja Collectibles (SNC), a series of unique, hand-drawn NFT cards on Ethereum. These super rare cards are available in Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultimate availability. They have 222 unique traits, 8 differential categories, and 10 of them will be legendary. It has a unique scratch game and the utility behind $SHAZU  is to receive passive income by gaining access to the Boost Staking Pool which pays out 100% APY. All you have to do is collect 4 NFT Action Collection Cards by playing the Scratch Card game to gain access to the pool, with its original Scratch 2 Mint Technology. The team are fully doxxed, have a strong vision and are active in the community socials. They have also just announced their first partnership with a Decentralized Crypto Casino project named Crypto Drop and are said to have lots of exciting developments coming over the coming weeks, as well as ongoing intensive marketing and growing the $SHAZU ecosystem.


The SNC artworks draw their inspiration from Shazu’s story and the ninja culture, featuring numerous masked warriors. Anyone can buy SNC NFTs at OpenSea, where the current floor price is 0.04 ETH.

Lastly, Shazu NFT holders can take their chances at winning rewards by playing the SHAZU Scratch-2-Mint game for free. This game features 4 different Action Ninja cards that holders can enter the staking pool to earn passive income.


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