Shaun West: A Multi-Faceted Trailblazer in the World of Security and Coaching

Shaun West

South Shields native Shaun West has become a well-known figure in the global security and coaching industries. With a diverse background that includes military service, entrepreneurship, and executive protection expertise, Shaun has made significant contributions to these fields.

Born on October 08, 1979, Shaun’s journey began when he joined the Parachute Regiment, where he served with distinction for 8 and a half years as a British Paratrooper. During his military tenure, he played crucial roles in various operations across regions like Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, and Afghanistan, showcasing his dedication and commitment to service.

After leaving the army, Shaun shifted his focus to the Security Industry and undertook the prestigious Ronin Protective Services Bodyguard course in South Africa. With his training completed successfully, he soon found himself safeguarding some of the world’s most prominent individuals, ranging from Oligarchs to UHNWI private clients, media/sport celebrities, government officials, royalty, and presidential families. Shaun’s expertise even led him to deliver Bodyguard training at a Presidential level, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier professional in the field.

In addition to his involvement in the security industry, Shaun’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish the Shaun West Associates, a leading provider of Executive Protection Services. The agency has earned accolades for its exemplary services, setting high standards for safety and security in various settings.

Not content with just security ventures, Shaun also delved into the world of publishing and played a pivotal role in producing the highly-regarded Circuit Magazine in the security industry. This publication has become a valuable resource for professionals seeking insights and knowledge in the field.

Shaun’s career accomplishments extend beyond security, as he has also embraced the role of a Business and Mindset Coach. His credentials as an Internationally Accredited Coach have earned him recognition, and he continues to guide individuals and businesses in their quest for success and personal development.

Away from his professional endeavors, Shaun finds joy in his family life. Residing in North East, England, he is engaged to be married to his long-term partner of 11 years and is a father to three children. Despite his busy schedule, Shaun remains an avid learner and takes pleasure in expanding his horizons through reading books.

As Managing Director at the British Bodyguard Association, Shaun plays a crucial role in furthering the industry’s standards and practices. His dedication to excellence and his commitment to ensuring the safety of individuals and families have positioned him as a prominent figure in the UK security landscape.

Shaun West’s journey from a British Paratrooper to a successful entrepreneur, security consultant, and mindset coach showcases his determination to excel in various domains. His versatility and expertise have not only benefited the security industry but also inspired countless individuals on their path to success. As he continues to make strides in his diverse ventures, Shaun West’s influence remains a guiding light for those aspiring to achieve greatness in their respective fields.

Shaun West’s journey continues to evolve, leaving a lasting impact on both the security and coaching landscapes, and inspiring others to reach their full potential.

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