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Heath is wealth, we all know that, but our misfortune is, we have never looked into this reverb and what this proverb means. We have been hearing this proverb since our childhood, but we didn’t understand it. The main context behind this proverb is, to adopt such healthy and hygienic habits and activities that benefit our health. In this modern age, our health is compromised, whether you are a doctor or belong to any profession are struggling with health issues because of not paying heed to your health. But what if you get a platform that is mainly built for sharing, and discovering health tips on a medium where thousands of people will listen to you and you can easily share your knowledge? There is a platform called, 30Seconds which is founded by Dr. Suhyun An who is a Regenerative Medicine specialist in Houston, Texas. She aimed to empower the ladies who are busy in their life but want to share their online, so they may be able to do that. In this article, we will look at this great idea mainly built for the benefit of the young generation. Let’s get straight into this.

Why is being healthy important?

Having a good and quality lifestyle is important for your body and your mental health. It’s a part of nature and you can disturb the natural process. Some cycles are being processed like if you don’t follow good habits if you don’t quit smoking or any kind of harmful activities, so automatically you will get ill sooner or later. Don’t you want to enjoy life, don’t you want to explore the world, of course, you need to. There is the only way you can do; this is to maintain your health and distance yourself from health-affecting activities.

Why should we care for health?

This is another good question, but the simple answer is that there are only pain, suffering, and troubles for you if you quit healthy life. Caring for your health will only benefit you. Health is not just only about preventing illnesses, it is about having social, mental, and physical well-being. If you appear confident and healthy then you become more productive and achieve more tasks and duties. Therefore you should care for your health. On the contrary to this, without a healthy lifestyle, nothing will be good for you. It is important to follow a good quality lifestyle.

What are 30 seconds all about?

It is mainly a sharing platform founded by Dr. Suhyun An, DC which predominantly empowers the bust women to share life experiences, health tips, and much more content to share on the internet to aware the public that it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you still can spare some time and do something exceptional. This is the main purpose behind the formation of this media-sharing tool.

Is sharing on 30Seconds worthwhile?

Yes! Spending time on 30Seconds is worthwhile just because these platforms offer a variety of features to users by using you spend productive time on the platform. Life is busy and sparing time for our mental well-being is a little challenging. But it can be done with little time management of time and prioritizing things.

There are a lot of useful features in this platform that will make you productive and learn new things that you never learned before. There are different sections on their website such as, “tribe”, which is the option where the whole community of thousands of people shares their ideas on the mass level. This is more than your profile or social presence on their website where you can easily share the information that you think is the most beneficial to share with the general public. But for especially women who have kids which are a little tough to handle and want to share their knowledge on the internet. So, 30Seconds is providing them with a great opportunity of sharing their life experiences and knowledge all over the world. This will be a platform on which your content and your shared information will be shared with millions of people and they will further exchange and share knowledge with other people. This is how knowledge prevails.

Dr. Suhyun An, DC:

Dr. Suhyun An, DC is a Regenerative Medicine specialist in Houston, Texas, and a hard-working lady who had a vision for the creation of this digital platform. Despite being a doctor, and in general, doctors are also the busiest personalities in the world throughout the day. But she put efforts into this platform and her efforts paid her off and now this platform has its authority and gaining people’s attention.

The lesson that should be learned from Dr. Suhyun An, DC is, whatever you do, just be focused on that and if you want to be recognized as different from others, then you need to take a stand and separate yourself from a crowd. You must do unconventional things which will make you recognized as a versatile and distinct personality. This is the main benefit and pride you feel when you call by your professional who luckily belongs to an unconventional and distinctive profession.

Tips to live healthily:

These tips should not be overlooked, as you are going one step ahead toward a healthy life.

  • Daily exercise is necessary as it increases blood circulation in your body. Moreover, it helps to remove toxins from the body. Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and it enables the elasticity in the body.
  • Eat healthy foods, vegetables, antioxidants, fruits, etc. Limit your beverage and excess oil intake.
  • Maintain a work-life balance as this helps you to have more self-discipline.

Work on your mental health through different mental exercises which include breathwork, yoga, and others. As they impact your both physical and mental health and being consistent in daily exercise will help you to remain healthy and let you notice a big difference

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