Share Album Masters from artists like King of Pop MJ, Bob Marley, Foo Fighters, and more

Ayozat to launch

Ayozat to launch to enable users to own real copyright on the chain!

Ayozat to launch, where users can buy shares of album masters from artists like MJ, Bob Marley, and Foo Fighters.

  • Mid-October for closed alpha with 1000 invitees, including influencers, media, NFT and blockchain companies, and music fans
  • Closed alpha to include 15 albums from MJ, Metallica, Beastie Boys, Madonna, Bob Marley, Nirvana, and The Doors
  • The public can buy a share of established copyrights and get part of the royalties
  • An NFT ownership platform putting real value assets on the blockchain

Get ownership rights of your favorite art, music, and music assets with RightsMint.

The platform allows users to buy and own copyright and intellectual property shares with rewards from royalties. RightsMint plans to conduct a closed alpha in mid-October for 1000 plus invitees from the RightsMint and Ayozat community, artists, influencers, music fans, and analysts from the media, NFT, Financial and Blockchain sectors.

The closed alpha will include shares of 15 real albums masters from artists such as Michael Jackson, Foo Fighters, Madonna, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Metallica, The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Whitney Houston, and more.

The full launch is expected in December, with RightsMint set to host a range of music, video, and gaming, specifically the intellectual property (IP) and copyright of these assets, on the platform. Through the RightsMint platform, users can purchase a share of the IP directly from owners. For the last 12 months, Ayozat has been acquiring or licensing copyrights and speaking to artists, content creators, and large catalog owners before the launch of RightsMint. 

Copyright owners can hold an Initial Media Offering. IMO, where RightsMint will verify ownership of IP before a digital smart contract in the form of a master NFT is created as a certificate of ownership. The master NFT will be divided into shares, each represented by a child NFT, which will serve as share certificates that users can purchase and own.

On launch, there will also be a marketplace where users can sell or buy shares already in circulation on an open market. RightsMint will be on the Solana blockchain, with plans to take it multi-chain in 2023 and launch index pools and a grant system for new content creators and artists.

Share Album Masters

Ayozat has provided RightsMint with a separate governance structure with only one directive: to protect intellectual property and its shareholders.

Ayozat and RightsMint founder, Umesh Perera, commented, “Being both content creators and owners, Ayozat has seen many issues and problems in how media assets are monetized and used, leading to owners getting less revenue and control of their media.”

“These copyrights are generally seen as stable and always giving a return. What better way of bringing real-world assets on the chain.”

“We are building a media ecosystem about thrustless ownership and transparent ledger technology that allows content creators and owners alike to get fair revenues for their copyrights and, therefore, a true valuation on their worth.”

RightsMint is a brand of Linkquid IOM Ltd in the Isle of Man, a Financial Services Authority designated business. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayozat, a global technology and media company that broadcasts and distributes applications, cloud services, live and pre-recorded media content, advertising SSP servers, and Ayozat’s and its clients’ TV channels and OTT platforms through its deep network layers. 

The RightsMint platform will utilize Ayozat’s network and distribution infrastructure to maximize copyright revenue for its shareholders, with transparent tracking across all platforms, TV, and media usage.

RightsMint will not just be for existing content and catalog copyrights, with some major features for new up-and-coming artists and content creators to launch themselves. RightsMint will not just protect its copyrights both legally and commercially but will open wide distribution and revenue-generating opportunities through its parent, Ayozat.

“New artists and creators can concentrate on what they do best and being the CEO of their brand, while RightsMint and Ayozat can concentrate on protecting and monetizing their work,” said Umesh Perera, adding, “it’s worth noting that when you list on and for instance 1000 users buy shares, you gain 1000 new fans who have a vested financial interest in your success, now that’s powerful.”

Ayozat is looking to truly disrupt the media copyright sector by making RightsMint the institute to register, monetize and facilitate share trading of intellectual property and copyrights transparently and sustainably.

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