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Shahi Al Sadat: Advocate for Children’s Rights and Founder of Startup Cyber

Born on March 22, 2009 at a small village in the Meherpur district of Khulna, Shahi Al Sadat is a Bangladeshi children’s rights activist and the Founder of Startup Cyber. He and his cyber team have drawn much popularity among children and teenagers alike and support of the adults for their endeavors to create public awareness against all types of cyber crimes and cyber threats targeting this vulnerable section of the society. 

A grade 10 student at Meherpur Government High School, Shahi is a highly sensitive youth always aware of his rights as an individual, and the collective rights of his fellow classmates. His love for children and strong desire to save them from all kinds of online bullying and harassment led him to found an organization that would fight not only for children’s online safety but also educate them how to protect themselves from cyber-related crimes.

His dream came true when he met Mr. Mohammad Shamim Hasan, the Deputy Commissioner of Meherpur district. Mr. Hasan saw in this young boy a spirit of goodwill and he extended his helping hand. Inspired and supported by the District Administrator, Shahi embarked on his mission to address children’s safety concerns. He founded Startup Cyber, an organization whose aim is to safeguard children’s online experiences. Startup is a non-profit organization and it spends all of its revenues in organizing awareness-raising seminars, printing posters, making banners and cyber security videos. So far Startup Cyber has organized 17 seminars in three other districts of Bangladesh besides Meherpur. In order to reach wider audience, it also held an online seminar and hoping to hold more in future.


Startup Cyber moved a step further by jointly working with the District Administration and the Crime Investigation Cell of Bangladesh Police to prevent early marriage, child labor, child trafficking and violence against women. Whenever any victim comes, Startup Cyber immediately informs the Crime Investigation Cell of the incident. Until now, 19 cyber bullying cases have been solved and mental and emotional support have been provided to the victims and their families.

Shahi Al Sadat now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Startup Cyber is also recognized for his expertise in information technology and science. Besides being an advocate of online safety, Shahi extends his contribution by writing books on the subject – with two influential books to his credit: ‘The Quantum Enigma’ and ‘Cyber Sentinel.’ As both an author and a junior programmer, Shahi bridges the realms of academia and practical application, enriching discourse on digital security and technological advancement. 

Shahi Al Sadat maintains a personal website,, providing insights into his work and achievements. Additionally, Startup Cyber’s official website,, serves as a platform for promoting its initiatives and raising awareness on children’s safety.

Startup Cyber, under Shahi Al Sadat’s leadership, plays a pivotal role in advancing children’s safety across Bangladesh. Through strategic partnerships and community engagement, the organization continues to make significant strides in its mission to protect young individuals from online threats. 

Shahi Al Sadat’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness and improving child safety has earned him acclaim and recognition. His contributions exemplify the importance of youth-led initiatives in addressing contemporary challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of children’s rights advocacy.

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