Shadi Abdou: “Wisebitcoin has everything a trader needs”


As a renowned Forex analyst and educator, Shadi Abdou has helped thousands of traders learn and perfect their craft. His work has been featured on influential platforms such as Forex from 360 Degrees. 

Recently, Mr. Abdou joined the team behind one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges as a senior advisor. Wisebitcoin is a leading platform that caters to professional traders such as Abdou and his students. We sat down with him to discuss his new role.

Wisebitcoin’s senior adviser Shadi Abdou

1) What skills and knowledge do you bring to Wisebitcoin?

– As a technician, I am really eager to start teaching new traders how to trade cryptocurrencies by using the Wisebitcoin platform. Plus, providing followers with Technical reports that can help them understand what is happening in the market. I also believe that educational videos and articles from my side will make it even easier to educate new traders on how they can trade successfully. 

I am looking forward to creating an academy for Wisebitcoin’s followers. Not to mention that weekly and monthly webinars would also help traders to have full knowledge of how they can trade properly.

2) What attracted you to Wisebitcoin?

– The website has everything a trader needs to watch the crypto market. The platform is very user-friendly and has all the tools needed to analyze the market in a very effective way. The most important thing, from my point of view, is that it is really fast.


3) How does Wisebitcoin trading compare to the Forex markets? And crypto trading in general?

– The cryptocurrencies market is relatively new in comparison to the FX market. It has huge opportunities for traders who want to invest and speculate. In other words, I would say that both markets are pretty much the same. The only difference is that the cryptocurrencies market is more volatile, but with money management strategies, along with a good reading of charts, would make it very profitable for a trader. So, I would say that Wisebitcoin offers many different options plus a very fast platform, making it the best solution for new traders and professional traders.

4) What trading strategies will work best on the Wisebitcoin platform, in your opinion?

– Any trading strategy that has been tested and shown good results would work very well. Using the Wisebitcoin platform is really easy. The platform itself provides very important tools for all traders. 

As for me, I would say that harmonic trading plus long-term trading strategies are the best options. I could be using advanced techniques easily on the Wisebitcoin platform.

5) How will your Forex experience help Wisebitcoin grow? What advice do you offer Forex traders who are entering the cryptocurrency sphere?

– Being a Forex trader gives me the ability to understand the needs of traders, which in turn can help Wisebitcoin grow. A trader is a trader, it doesn’t matter what market they are dealing with. Finally, I would say that the ultimate weapon of a trader is knowledge. Always look for somebody that teaches you how to fish, then you will be fed the rest of your life.

6) What Wisebitcoin products are you most excited about?

– All of them, really. The products in Wisebitcoin are everything that a trader needs.The three exchange venues that Wisebitcoin offers meet traders’ needs. So, if you are an investor or a trader who trades using leverage, you will find what you want. That is why I like all products in Wisebitcoin.

7) How is Wisebitcoin different from other exchanges, in your words?

– It’s very user-friendly and has a wide range of trading options, which is critical in this time when there is increased competition in the crypto space and users have come to expect a high level of performance and access to different services. Exchanges must innovate and deliver solutions that benefit users. I feel Wisebitcoin is on the right track and, for example, its introduction of X100 leverage and the ability to invest in ETF tokens are the kinds of services that set it apart from the competition.

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