Seven tips on how to write an A-grade essay

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Have you ever wanted to write an essay and get the highest grade but for some reason you couldn’t do that? Well, now you are as close to doing that as ever. Writing an A-grade essay is not the easiest task. It requires reading, drafting, checking, proofreading, etc. Indeed, those are essential. But you know what else is important? You reading this list of top-notch tips on how to write a perfect essay.

Know Your Question

First and foremost, you have to understand the issue. Writing an essay is one thing. But knowing what you are required to do is an entirely different one. If your teacher assigned you the topic, analyze it. Do you understand all the words? Make sure you do, as it plays a pivotal role in your grade. 

Questions usually have keywords. Knowing them, you will write an accurate paper. For instance, if the question requires criticizing something, you have to critically analyze and evaluate the subject, looking for weak points and coming to a conclusion based on this analysis. “If I can’t understand the question and find the keyword, should I pay for essay?” you might ask. Not necessarily. Reach out to your teacher and ask for clarifications.

Show Your Critical Thinking Skills

Once you know what you are required, it is time for employing your critical thinking abilities. Brainstorm the ideas and choose the most unique and powerful ones. When you have them on paper, kick off with researching the topic. Since we are on lockdown, and many libraries are closed, make use of the Internet. You can find dozens of authoritative web pages and databases, such as Google Scholar and JSTOR. Make sure all the sources are updated and pertinent to the topic.

Structure Your Paper

Now, as you have ideas and sources, you can structure your paper and write an outline. Every essay comprises an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. They are key pillars that determine the paper’s aim, develop the ideas, provide examples with explanations, and wrap up the main message. Ensure indenting every section to help the reader realize where one thought ends and another one begins. Also, don’t forget to write an outline. It is a roadmap for your paper, making you organized and avoiding adding unnecessary information to your essay.

Write Clearly

Many students commit the same mistake. They usually adopt hard-to-follow academic structures and phrases, trying to impress the teacher. While writing, they ignore the content. As a result, their essays end up being wordy, clumsy, and full of stylistic problems. If you want to get an A+, stay away from sophisticated structures. 

It doesn’t mean you have to make your sentences very short and simple. You still can use eloquent words and phrases, but make sure they fit the context and only help your writing be clear and accurate. 

Use Active Verbs

Using active verbs is vital if you want to write with a direct, authoritative style. Whenever possible, use active verbs. Passive voice is redundant unless you rely on previous studies, experiments, and other works. Plus, it takes much more space in the paper to say the same information compared to active voice. No matter the essay’s subject, you can write using an active voice to make your writing style more straight to the point, compelling, and forceful. 

Mind Sentence Length And Word Count

Disobeying the rules will do you no good. Whether you are part of one of the school football or college wrestling teams, you know the rules and follow them strictly. The same goes for essay writing. Sentence length is critical to a well-written paper. Every refined book, article, or any written work comprises sentences no longer than 20 words. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to make your sentences identical. You can have a 7-word sentence or a 30-word one. But the average has to fit the frames of 15 and 20 words. And don’t forget about the paper’s word count. Follow the instructions, and don’t exceed over 10 percent of the word limit. 

Edit Your Draft

When you draft the paper, you have to check it thoroughly. A well-checked essay increases the chances of getting the desired grade. So, employ Grammarly. Copy your draft and paste it into the app. It will help you get rid of visible grammar, lexicon, and punctuation mistakes. Then copy the corrected text and paste it back into the document. 

Reread the piece and highlight anything uncommon. When fixed, leave the work aside and get back to it in an hour. Proofread the paper, but don’t submit it yet, even though it might look well. A fresh set of eyes might be of great use. Ask your friends or parents to glance at your work. In case it is refined, submit it to the teacher and get your A+.

Setting a goal to achieve the highest grade is the right approach to essay writing. And so is the mentioned list of tips. If you strive to get A+, this article will definitely come in handy. 

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