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Seven reasons to get a personal alarm

A personal alarm might seem extraneous when you are young, but it could serve as a life savior for your aging and ailing relatives. Moreover, if they live alone, you may experience jittery feelings, often wondering about their safety, mainly because of their frail health. Senior citizens are more prone to falls and injuries. In some unfortunate cases, family members do not realize that their parents or grandparents need assistance until it is too late. Therefore, to avoid such adverse situations, getting them a personal alarm can be the perfect thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. 

The modern world is dependent on digitalization, so it comes as no surprise that people today use digital alarms for safety. Personal alarms are generally compact and easy to carry as they typically come in a pendant or a watch form. In addition, it provides the elderly a sense of freedom as they can enjoy their hobbies without worrying about their security. 

Still, if you have second thoughts about getting a personal alarm, here are some reasons that will persuade you to buy one for your ailing and/or aged dear ones:

Provides Instant Help

A personal safety alarm sends instant messages to the loved ones that the wearer has a medical emergency. The emergency response alarm is generally connected to a family member’s phone number. All the wearer has to do is press the button in case of an emergency, and the mechanics in the device will signal the concerned person or medical consultants so they can reach the wearer within the nick of time. Thanks to this practice, help can arrive within minutes to stabilize the patients’ conditions. 

Aside from medical help, the personal alarm comes in handy when the elderly feel like they are in dangerous situations. Suppose they think that an intruder has broken into their home. They can use this device to instantly call for help, so police officers are at their door within minutes. 

Offers Independence

Most elderly are aware of their limitations and understand that their health does not allow them to lead the life they once had. They become apprehensive, and in severe cases, it can result in paranoia. Thus, carrying a personal alarm, whether as a pendant or on a wrist, can make them feel independent again. They feel liberated that they do not need 24/7 supervision or care but will get immediate assistance when required, allowing them to take charge of themselves. It can serve as an alternative to moving into a care home or hiring a full-time nurse or caregiver in some circumstances. 

Easy to Charge

Several people may not have Alzheimer’s, but their brain functioning starts deteriorating, making them forget essential things. The same goes for dementia; although it is a common disease in older people, not everyone suffers from it. However, forgetfulness is a common issue faced by older people. While this may be catastrophic in emergencies where they forget to charge their mobile phones or pay the bills for their internet/cellphone service providers, personal alarms are an exception. One of the benefits of modern alarms is that they are can quickly and easily be recharged. Since the elderly must carry these alarms 24/7, these devices need recharging now and then. Even if they have forgotten to put their personal alarms on charging, these digital alarms allow quick recharging, so anytime they remember, they can easily plug in their devices. 

Grants Privacy 

Many people are used to living alone, so the idea of having help or even family members around 24/7 makes them uncomfortable due to the lack of privacy. Also, moving into an old home or nursing care might not seem feasible to them. However, despite their reservation and reassurance, their loved ones might feel worried when their elderly relatives are by themselves, especially if they have medical issues. Thus, to grant the elderly their privacy without putting their well-being at risk, you can ask them to wear a personal alarm at all times. These wondrous devices allow the elderly and ailing privacy, whilst enabling them to enjoy themselves on their own, so you can relax that they are safe. 

Offers Peace of Mind

Modern life keeps people on their toes, so naturally, they find it difficult to accompany their aging parent or grandparent. However, busyness doesn’t stop people from fearing for their parents’ or grandparents’ health, which affects their productivity and hinders their daily activities. Personal alarms take these worries away and offer peace of mind. Since people have the surety that their older relatives are safe and sound and can contact them with the push of a button if they find themselves in trouble, they can focus wholeheartedly on their tasks. 

Value for Money

Some people consider personal alarms a wastage of money, as their elderly relatives have other means to connect to them. Also, charging these devices and carrying them all the time might be a hassle. However, the truth is, purchasing a personal alarm is an excellent investment in the long run. As the saying goes, ‘better safe than sorry.’ Imagine losing your grandparent because they didn’t receive medical assistance on time. To avoid such a grave scenario, spend some bucks on purchasing an emergency alarm for your beloved grandparent or parent. Most digital alarms are inexpensive and cost-efficient, especially if you consider the benefits, peace of mind and security they offer.  

Gives a Sense of Security

With age, adults often start feeling unsafe as their strength and energy deteriorate; this is especially the case if they live away from their families. They may feel paranoid, thinking that someone is trying to break into their home to rob them of their valuable items or harm them. A personal alarm provides them with a sense of security, so all their feelings of uneasiness subside. Knowing that they can instantly call for help if ever someone tries to take advantage of them improves their mental health. 


The elderly often do not want to burden their families with their personal care, so they prefer living by themselves. However, their loved ones feel uneasy leaving them on their own, considering their age and health. Medical issues, accidents, break-ins, and getting lost on the way while carrying out routine tasks are just some of the scenarios that may arise. Thus, the ailing and elderly need to carry wearables like personal alarms with them at all times to alert their families, medical personnel and authorities if the need arises. Personal alarms are a fantastic way of enhancing personal safety, so your aged and ailing family members can enjoy privacy, independence and a sense of security.

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