Business news : With £75 cashback and a free business account, it is now possible to form a limited liability company in the UK for free.

Setting Up Limited Company

A unique promotion from Setting Up Limited Company is currently available which includes free limited company registration, £75 cashback, free bank transfers for a year, and a free business current account. Two partner offers are currently available for selection.

A company formation setup service is being offered by Setting Up Limited Company, according to announcements made by the company. Entrepreneurs that take advantage of this offer also receive a free business current account, free bank transfers for a year, and a £75 payback on deposits of only £1 with Tide Bank. 

Both new registration requests and requests for a Tide Bank free business current account are qualified for the cashback. One can open an existing business account with any of the two exclusive deals in less than 10 minutes. The discount code REFER75 is automatically filled in on the partner website when you click the offer button on or you can visit the Tide website and enter the code manually. 

For the creation of a business account, Tide Bank doesn’t do a credit check. It accepts computerised checks that are generated by outside services for identity verification and adherence to national anti-money laundering regulations. The checks are recorded on the credit report but have no effect on the rating. 

Anyone can set up a limited company and realise their company ideas with the aid of Setting Up Limited Company. An approved formation agent from companies House forms the company. The new business does not have to pay the £12 registration fee with Companies House because the special offer takes care of it. As a solo proprietor or independent contractor may also start an account with Tide utilising an already established limited business or can just open a business account everything is handled properly throughout the procedure. 

Tide’s banking services help small businesses save time and money. Tide currently has more than 300,000 corporate accounts. The accounts can be easily synchronised with various accounting programmes to enable efficient accounting and timely return submission. 

Visit  for additional details. According to Setting Up Limited Company, “Many new business owners pick a limited company (Ltd) for their business structure in the UK & due to the little limited liability, as the name implies, this model is particularly well suited to small firms. Only a few conditions must be met, making setup reasonably simple. Your business can be registered within 24 hours thanks to our exclusive offer. You don’t have to create a new Limited Liability Corporation to take advantage of our offerings, but if you do, we’ll pay the formation fees for you! “

In the UK, there are between 1.3 and 2.5 million limited corporations, making it one of the most typical business structures. Public limited corporations (PLCs) and businesses limited by guarantee are two examples of the several kinds of limited firms. When people use the term “limited company,” they typically refer to private, share-based businesses. 

In a limited corporation, the responsibility of the members or shareholders is constrained to the contributions made to or investments made in the business. The business is legally distinct from its owners, operates independently of your personal finances, and is entitled to keep any earnings it generates after paying taxes. 

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A specialised website called Setting Up Limited Company hosts unique deals for free limited company registration and business account services. It only takes a few minutes to open an account with Tide Bank via this website, and doing so offers numerous advantages to businesses. 


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Setting Up Limited Business Company: United Kingdom, Park Lane, London 

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