Seth Taube’s Musical Performances 

Seth B. Taube is a serial entrepreneur and a well-known philanthropist. He’s also an accomplished musician with over 44 years of experience playing the violin. 

Musical Career 

Seth has had a storied musical career. He began playing the violin more than 44 years ago. He frequently performs in the San Francisco area. He is a highly diverse musician, with performances ranging from symphonies to bluegrass. 

Seth Taube's Musical Performances 

Seth Taube

Music in San Francisco 

It’s no surprise that musicians and music lovers are drawn to San Francisco. The city is in a five-way tie for the most music venues in any city per capita, ranking far higher than neighboring L.A. 

The city has a rich musical history. It’s best known for giving us some of the most outstanding performers from the 1960s, including the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Janis Joplin. 

However, the music scene in the city by the bay has always been highly diverse, and this is true today as well. 

The San Francisco area has a passion for classical music that is showcased by several orchestras in the area. 

Seth Taube enjoys the San Francisco Symphony, which is known around the world for its innovative performances. The symphony is currently led by Music Director Esa-Pekka Salonen. The Symphony aims to inspire and serve individuals and communities in the San Francisco Bay area and worldwide. They hope to change and improve the way people engage with orchestral music. 

The San Francisco Philharmonic focuses on diversity and enrichment. They aim to be the premier platform for women and POC. 


Seth Taube is proud to be a member of the San Francisco classical music community. In addition to regular performances with a San Francisco-based symphony, he often plays in several chamber music groups. 

Other Types of Performances

Taube enjoys many types of music. He can often be found playing with local bands, including bluegrass groups. He finds that the violin is a very diverse instrument, which allows it to be an integral part of many different musical styles, and this is part of what makes the instrument incredible.  

About Seth

Seth Taube has founded several billion-dollar businesses and many smaller companies that continue to thrive.  His most recent venture is Progressive Therapeutics. The company focuses on improving mental health and wellness using psychoactive and psychedelic medicine. The company is currently focused on women’s mental health conditions, but their research has far-reaching implications for anyone affected by emotional or psychological disorders.

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