Setcoin ICO is still on: The Cryptocurrency for Service Providers.

The Setcoin Inserviss platform is a mobile and global service marketplace that bridges the gap between customers online and service providers like lawyers, nurses, doctors, teachers, and so on. This platform is creating a medium where service providers can join, create profiles, advertise their service offers, perform promotions and campaigns, create a schedule for working, track their earnings, manage their orders, and get reviewed by customers.

On the hand, the platform allows customers discover services that are nearby, carry out a research on the service providers, schedule a service, and make payments after they have been satisfied with the services rendered.

All these and more are done on the platform using an in-app utility token known as Setcoin.

The Setcoin Utility Token

Being a blockchain-based platform, the Inserviss Platform uses an ERC-20 token known as Setcoin. With Setcoin, service providers and customers can make payments and other transactions on the platform.

The Setcoin Blockchain utilizes the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus (RBBC) to make it 94,000 times faster than Bitcoin, and 11.5 times faster than visa. With the RBBC, the blockchain is able to process over 660,000 transactions in a second in comparison to Visa’s network that processes a maximum of 56,000 transactions in a second, and the Bitcoin network that can only process about 7 transactions in a second.

Setcoins Tokens Sale

Currently, the Setcoin network accepts payments in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat currencies such as US Dollars and Euros.

The sale period of the Setcoin is divided into two phases; the first phase being the pre-sale period where a total of 50 million Setcoins was supplied, while the second phase is the main sale which started on March 1, 2018 with a total supply of 300 million Setcoins.

The prices of Setcoins vary depending on the currency being used to make payment. The price list is as follows:

1 USD = 10 SET

1 EUR = 12 SET

1 BTC = 100,000 SET

1 ETC = 10000 SET

1 LTC = 1500 SET

For 2018, the plans for the platform includes enhancing its marketing strategies, a test launch, and starting the Inserviss localization.


The emergence of the blockchain technology has led to the creation of a new and innovative pattern of carrying out business transactions. The Inserviss platform now stands as a means where customers and service providers can together and carry out exchanges. And, with the Setcoin token, consumers and service providers can make payments and transactions in a transparent and secure way. Setcoin is truly the cryptocurrency for service providers.

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