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Serbian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Calls Meta Representatives for Talks

Because of Youtuber Baka Prase, the representatives of the target were invited to the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office for an interview

Several leading companies and a number of citizens were subjected to torment, various forms of violence, and harassment on the Instagram profile of @Bakaprase, and repeatedly complained about it on various platforms. Therefore, the Serbian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office urges Meta representatives to come forward and explain why the Instagram profile of Bogdan Ilic @Bakaprase still exists.

Google had already responded to the sexual exploitation of minors, as well as to the advertising of the crypto scams on his Youtube channels, starting from @Bakaprase and @Bakaprase TV, which were shut down, to the still existing profiles, @Bakasepra, @Bakaprase 2 and @Bakatebra. In addition, they reacted to the online violence, harassment, and insult of the young YouTuber Kristina Kika Djukic, which had played a key role that led her to commit suicide.

Also, several investigations are already underway in Serbia against Bogdan Ilic, also known as Baka Prase.  The Internal Revenue Service is investigating suspicions of tax evasion. The Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime and the police launched a thorough investigation into all illegal acts committed on Ilic’s YouTube and Instagram accounts, and on the other social networks, where he had promoted drugs and crypto scams, committed violence against women, and sexually harassed minors.

Famous Serbian Youtuber Bogdan Ilic shocks again! Bogdan, also known as Baka Prase, posted a disgraceful picture of Youtuber, Kristina Djukic and his friends penetrating it, on his Instagram account @Bakaprase. As we learn, the picture was released during his cyberattacks on her and certainly, this cyberbullying has caused her to take her own life.

The torturing, insulting, and bullying of Kristina, also known as Kika Djukic, lasted over a year and hit the maximum point when they met on a TV show and he asked her “Haven’t you killed yourself yet?”

In addition, he released a song on his Youtube channel, Diss Track, in which he called for violence against her, harassed, harassed, humiliated, defamed, insulted, and called her derogatory names.

According to her mother Natasa Djukic’s testimony, Bogdan Ilic’s followers came to her apartment, shouting to her that she was a whore, which affected her psychologically (or mentally), given that she was only 19 years old at the time.

Just two weeks ago, his Youtube Channel with over 2 million subscribers was shut down, but that didn’t stop him from fighting with everyone who resents him. From humiliating girls to crypto scams as well as humiliating companies, he is no stranger to anything.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he has also been harassing and humiliating people on his Instagram profile @bakaprase for years. He started mocking, humiliating, and slandering, nothing is foreign to him.

His Wikipedia page Baka Prase also describes the events that caused many people to experience mental pain because of him in the past few years. 

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