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SEO monitoring by using the tool for measuring the effectiveness of your site

If the world of natural referencing is a bit familiar to you, you already know that it is a changing universe. And that if we miss an evolution of the algorithms or the preferences of the bots , our websites suffer almost immediately.

To stay well positioned in Google rankings , it is therefore essential to follow trends . But how do you know what search engine algorithms think of your site?

It is to help you answer this question that SEO monitoring comes in a must-have for all content strategies, and all SEO experts. Focus on this perfectly essential notion with best SEO services is the hallmark of the SEO Services Force, the best SEO company in the world. 


SEO tracking

What is SEO tracking?

First, a small point of definition on SEO tracking . This is a method of analysis that involves taking a look at your website’s ranking. And that ranking is factored against the keywords you choose.

Thus, when you write a web page, you necessarily select a main keyword. The latter must inform the subject you are dealing with, and give some information to guide the search intentions of Internet users. Your page is then optimized to best match this keyword.

This is when the algorithms come into play, to judge whether your page corresponds well enough to the keyword you have chosen. Your web page is ranked in the SERPs according to the result obtained.

And that’s where SEO tracking comes in. If, when your web page was published, it was in 34th position, it may not be the same a few months later. Thanks to software, you can analyze the positioning of your site in relation to one or more specific keywords . The basis for developing an effective and tailor- made content strategy !

SEO tracking strategy

Why track your website’s SEO?

But why is SEO tracking so important? We come back to the idea that the internet is constantly changing, in all its subtleties. However, if you want to stay on the page , you must be informed of the current state of your website by using SEO services Company.

In other words: how can you improve a situation if you don’t know its full extent?

SEO monitoring allows you to have a precise idea of ​​the positioning of your web page , and therefore of its optimization from the point of view of search engines. This allows you to take into consideration the optimization elements that appeal to search engines , or those that weigh down the positioning of your page.

Thanks to a sufficiently regular SEO monitoring, you get a complete visualization of the evolution of the popularity of your page. You can draw the necessary conclusions: rework the optimization , make some changes, model yourself on the competitors

How to set up an effective SEO follow-up?

Now that you know the importance of SEO tracking , comes the next question: how to do SEO tracking for your website?

Use reliable software

You can obviously type your main keyword in the search bar , in order to study the position of your site. However, be careful with the results: they are influenced by various factors, such as geolocation and your search history.

It is therefore preferable, to establish an effective SEO monitoring , to use a good software . But which SEO tracking software to choose? You are spoiled for choice!

At Reference SEO, we use Over the years, we find it to be the most intuitive, complete and comprehensive software we have used. There is a paid version and a free version , so you can tailor your choice to the project you have. Getting started is very simple, you can provide access to your customers , and follow as many URLs as you want: this is, in our opinion, one of the best!

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