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SEO for lawyers and fintech

The competition in the SEO field for fintech and law firms is relatively high. Hence, the promotion requires knowledge of the peculiarities of the field and a strategy developed to increase the resource. Consider the nuances and working methods that will help to bring your business to the next level.

SEO promotion for fintech companies

First, let’s understand the most promising channels of fintech SEO, which will help to promote the developed projects:

  • Search Engine Promotion. This is the first and most crucial step. Many people still need to pay more attention to SEO as it brings free organic traffic, which can reduce the cost of conversions. This useful tactic can no longer be overlooked by fintech corporations and lawyers when it is so readily available and has a proven record of success.

  • PR. Most fintech companies need to connect with the public. PR helps to not only create excitement around the brand but also to be remembered by the audience, which is vital given the high competition.

  • Content marketing. When it comes to the financial sector, people need to use different types of text materials  such as blogs of employees and valuable articles. It is also worth including in the strategy video reviews of clients, training videos, and infographics.

  • You can also set up and run contextual advertising and use social networks for fintech advertising.

Features of SEO promotion for fintech

Link building should be taken seriously by fintech marketing agencies when promoting projects. This is the best way to increase organic traffic. If you place influencer sites, you can greatly increase your traffic statistics. In the promotion of projects, take into account the following features of optimization. 

Promotion strategy

The first thing to do in CRO (conversion rate optimization) is to have a strategy, because search engine optimization requires following a specific structure, prior research, and gradual implementation of the plan. Building tactics begin with research on the target audience and the market. 

Who is the fintech company’s client, and what are their objectives? These questions will have to be answered. When building a strategy, you also need to get data on the state of the site. Do an audit and find out the weaknesses of the project. They will have to be eliminated to implement SEO effectively.

Paying particular attention to content

Content plays a significant role. The younger generation is mainly interested in fintech products and tends to study everything meticulously: how a device or program works, what the features are, etc. So, content is an important condition for effective interaction with the target FinTech audience. Therefore, you need to create a clever content strategy, involve experienced authors in writing materials, and enlist the support of experts.

Remember the appeal of the content. FinTech companies need to create sites that inform and attract with visual cues. Content with high-quality graphic design and videos should be adapted for mobile devices. All of this improves user interaction. Large text blocks should be avoided. 

Elaboration of keywords

It is necessary to select relevant keywords. They should be as accurate as possible. These are the most important queries for clients. Use standard services such as “Google Keyword Planner”. You can also use other tools to expand the keywords.

Local SEO

Add the business to local directories and Google Maps. In the case of large businesses, multilingual copywriting can also bring in big profits. In addition, fintech clients respond well to text created with local idioms and concepts in mind. So when implementing local SEO, it’s helpful to bring in local authors to write content that considers the specifics of the language in a particular region.

Promotion of a law site – features and methods

Services in the field of law are difficult to promote because of their formality. But even in this case, for law firm marketing, you need to look for a creative approach and include in the promotion elements that involve readers. 

Target audience

It should be remembered that individuals and law entities will be among the clients and you need to think about how to meet the needs of both segments. Working with individuals is difficult because of their need for a lawyer. On the other hand, lawyers have a special request for an existing problem. But they usually already have an in-house specialist dealing with similar issues.

Semantic kernel

Creating a list of critical queries at the start of the resource is an essential step for successful promotion. In this case, a feature of the rise of the law site will create not just keywords but a kind of answer to users’ questions. The list of queries should include all the solutions you can offer your clients on your work profile.

In this case, it is important, even if you apply to a marketing company for lawyers, to decide on the promotion region. If you are targeting several locations, indicate this in the list of key phrases.

Company image

In professional services, it is essential to gain the trust of users. Many factors influence this. Including competent content, fast loading pages and other technical parameters, the number of lawyers on the site, multi-profile, etc. 

Nuances of lawyer SEO and ways of promotion

The main points of development of law sites remain the same as in other areas: engaging promotion in social networks and through targeting advertising, the creation of link mass and quality content, and internal and external optimization. But there are some differences that you can use to increase the effectiveness:

  • Posting helpful articles that, in part, help solve potential customers’ questions.

  • Connecting blocks with online chats. This way, you can promote yourself in search engines for “free law advice.”

  • Creating publications with solved cases. Such cases can be in the form of short videos or presentations.

  • Creative problem-solving. Present information in different ways, you can introduce animation, comics, and jokes.

  • Introduction of special headings.

  • Adding a section with questions and answers will provide useful information to address the most frequent problems.

  • Create profiles for the related specialists and add their contact information.

  • Make the structure of the site as seamless as possible.

  • Create a separate section where visitors can see your licenses, certificates, letters of commendation, certificates of merit, and awards.

  • Register in law services directories. You can get additional traffic from already interested visitors who trust these directories.


There are many ways to develop a website in these highly competitive areas. Of course, you can always turn to professional marketers. We have given some tips on self-optimization. Following these uncomplicated methods for promotion will not only help to take high positions in search results but also improve the conversion rate of visitors into customers.

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