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Sensefolio on revolutionizing the world of ESG data with the Sensefolio Hub

Sensefolio – the leading alternative ESG data provider – is officially launching the Sensefolio Hub. As outlined on their website, the Sensefolio Hub allows finance and investment professionals to manage and easily track their portfolio’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives by either adding their holdings manually, by importing their whole list of holdings or by searching for any existing fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF).

The Sensefolio Hub aims to be the ultimate one-stop ESG data platform, providing users full transparency on the companies’ ESG in their portfolio. The Sensefolio Hub provides all the underlying company data – including ESG-related financial news, social media posts, company reviews websites, company annual and sustainability reports, along with ESG metrics such as CO2 Emissions, Gender Gap or Water/Waste Intensity per sales.

“Professionals would just upload their portfolio and get instant ESG scores for each of their assets, as well as all relevant information and underlying raw data. We want our clients to fully trust the Sensefolio ESG scores” tells Sensefolio’s CTO and chief data scientist, Olivier Khatib.

The Sensefolio Hub would not only be used and handy to finance and investment professionals but also to public relations firms and companies themselves. In fact, they can use the Sensefolio Hub to track their companies’ online image and reputation.

The Sensefolio Hub is a great tool to keep track on a real-time basis of our brand’s online reputation and image. As a large company it used to be extremely challenging to check on everything being said about us on the internet – now we can easily monitor it in a centralized place and act accordingly through new policies and initiatives. We feel closer to our stakeholders.” says a Communications Director at Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

Since 2015, Sensefolio has been developing sophisticated machine learning models and other A.I. algorithms to assess and monitor companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives over 50+ criteria and 10,000+ data points (including notably social media posts, financial news, annual reports, and employee reviews websites). Sensefolio currently rates over 30,000 companies – including more than 10,000 private companies across the globe.

For more information about Sensefolio and the Sensefolio Hub, visit or

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