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Senpex Sees Deliveries for Businesses Through the Last Mile

Our world is becoming increasingly mobile. With remote jobs, for example, businesses providing services to their customers can work anywhere in the world. With online shopping, people can have any item they desire delivered to their doorstep with the click of a button. To be truly successful, however, this increased mobility requires the work of logistics professionals.

Senpex is a logistics company that provides on-demand pickup and delivery services for business needs like retail stores, grocery stores, foods & restaurants, e-commerce and marketplaces. 

Senpex for Business Needs 

Senpex looks to create a fast and easy way for businesses to deliver their goods to customers. The company has developed an app-based delivery request system that allows businesses to set up same-day delivery requests with just a few clicks. 

Senpex works with corporate courier clients that work around the clock. Customers’ expectations — even amid the supply chain issues and shipping delays that came with Covid — are quick and accurate deliveries. CEO Anar Mammadov sees swift, same-day delivery as a way to exceed expectations and compete in a tight market. 

“We are witnessing a surge in demand for instant local deliveries,” says Mammadov. “Customers would like their package to get delivered within a few hours of their purchase. For businesses to combat rivalry, on-demand delivery offers a large potential for logistic providers as well as retailers.”

The industries that have delivery needs that Senpex can address run the gamut, from e-commerce to food and catering to healthcare. 

Senpex has set itself apart from the competition with its Senpex API, a product launched when the pandemic started. Senpex API worked to meet the moment when the supply chain and delivery service were being stretched to their limit. The API technology makes on-demand services easy. Businesses have access to instant price quotes, customers and companies can track fulfillment, and the logistics are cloud-based. Senpex is leveraging the power of technology, allowing integrations of their delivery platform with a business’s e-commerce website utilizing API, allowing customers to choose multiple delivery options before checkout.

The ease and speed of the API integration benefit customers and business employees. Senpex API saves employees time and leads to a reduced workload. This ability addresses and resolves pain points for companies that need large-scale deliveries made in a short amount of time. 

“We are creating route optimization according to customer needs,” explains Mammadov, “We are covering those deliveries within a given time window with a higher number of drivers.” 

Personalized Courier Delivery 

Senpex is the perfect solution for businesses big and small, but it also caters to individual shipping and courier needs. 

Because Senpex courier partners work around the clock, they ensure that nearly any item can be delivered 24/7, oftentimes within the same day an order is placed. Individual customers are also given end-to-end access to the assigned courier in real-time, offering transparency for all shipments. 

The Advantages of Senpex 

Senpex offers many advantages over other shipping and courier services.


Senpex delivery prices are nearly 60% lower than their competition. The more items a customer needs to send, the lower the price. 


Using their AI platform, Senpex has reduced the median delivery time by 55 minutes. Their on-demand delivery service allows people to schedule deliveries anytime they desire. 


The Senpex couriers are professionals with experience handling large and small shipments, so business and individual customers can rest assured their items are being handled with the utmost care. 

The Delivery Management Dashboard 

The Senpex dashboard allows customers to organize bills, track shipments via GPS, and organize all delivery information. 

Senpex has over 7,000 professional couriers that are fully insured, trained, and strategically located for hassle-free package dispatching. In addition, Senpex has over 4,000 corporate partners that trust the company to deliver packages promptly, including companies like Facebook. To-date, Senpex has been behind over 500,000 successful deliveries and touts a 98% customer satisfaction rating. 

The company continues to grow its product offerings, moving into healthcare and highly-sophisticated logistical solutions. Going forward, Mammadov hopes to make Senpex a significant player in the logistics and delivery industry, saying:

“As the way we live continues to change, the on-demand delivery services that Senpex offers to retailers and local businesses will allow their companies to benefit, be it via web, App, or through integrating our API in a way to be more efficient.” 

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