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Sends Internet Acquiring: connect the service within 48 hours 

The British company Sends provides Internet-acquiring services connecting businesses within 48 hours. Accept payments by completing three steps: account opening, verification, and service activation.

PSP Sends is an FCA-authorised Electronic Money Institution (EMI) that provides a comprehensive range of payment solutions since 2019. Its core services include internet acquiring, IBAN issuance, card payouts. Clients can use services and control financial activity through the web and app versions. The application is available in Apple Store and Google Play. 

Sends company connects acquiring services in two currencies – GBR and EUR – making same-day payouts for the customers. It also provides different payment methods, for example, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Volt, etc. 

Customers need to complete an easy three-step procedure to start accepting payments with Sends. Firstly, you need to register an account on the Sends website. Then, the applicant needs to provide a set of documents to complete the verification process. We can complete the account verification within 24 hours if all documents are provided on time. When an account is ready, customers can access it via web and mobile versions to turn on the Internet acquiring service. 

«Modern-day platforms have accelerated the trajectory of the digital economy over the last 30 years. But over that same period, technology and access to capital have made it easier for point solutions to emerge, targeting problems for consumers and businesses. Endless commerce and digital payments innovations have bred an explosion of direct-to-consumer brands», said Alona Shevtsova, one of the shareholders (owners) PSP Sends.

Client rates depend on the type of business and transaction volumes. They can range from 2% up to 5%. To get more information, visit the Contact Us page or create an account right on the website

In addition to Internet acquiring, Sends facilitates multicurrency business account openings for European-based companies. Opening a SEPA/SWIFT/UK Local Payments bank account is available within 48 hours after submitting the necessary documents.

As reported by the World Bank, 2024 will be the year that serious players use their time, money and resources to solve real problems because they see the opportunity to leapfrog the competition and build an impenetrable moat when they do.

Delivering efficient payments capabilities has always been about providing customers with a highly reliable way to make payments and to improve the movement of money to improve customer satisfaction. The pace of change driven by customer expectations and the rapid development of new technologies has, however, created an environment in which payments infrastructure providers are now required to continually deliver the innovation, flexibility, scalability, and operating efficiencies needed for the marketplace. When effectively delivered, these capabilities enable banks to meet customer expectations and control costs, while simultaneously being able to scale to meet tomorrow’s growing demand.

There are a lot of first principal problems to work through across payments and the digital economy. 

*Sends is a trade name of SMARTFLOW PAYMENTS LIMITED.
SMARTFLOW PAYMENTS LIMITED is registered in England and Wales (Company number 11070048).

*Sends is a trade name of SMARTFLOW PAYMENTS LIMITED.SMARTFLOW PAYMENTS LIMITED is registered in England and Wales (Company number 11070048)

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