Sending Labs Introduces SocialScan: The Social Evolution of Blockchain Explorers

Sending Labs Introduces Socialscan, The Next-Gen Blockchain Explorer That Integrates Social Features, Bridging Transactions With Direct Communications

SINGAPORE, ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2023 / Sending Labs, in a strategic partnership with W3W, is eager to announce the launch of SocialScan, an innovative and crucial upgrade to the blockchain explorer platforms such as Etherscan or Polygonscan. The unique features of SocialScan are the revolutionary cross-app wallet-to-wallet chat and Web3 native community add-ons built on top of Sending Network. The transition is envisioned to PolygonZKScan, the blockchain explorer dedicated to onboarding Web3 users at scale through Web3 native social engagements. It is more user-friendly, interactive, and far more affordable than the industry standard that costs blockchains nearly $1M/year.

Being the first in the industry, SocialScan enables users to directly communicate with other Metamask wallet owners across applications in a decentralized fashion. This feature bridges the gap between on-chain transactions and decentralized communications, allowing for real-time chat and socialization across Web3 dApps, within the blockchain explorer as the entry hub.

Screenshot of the SocialScan blockchain explorer interface
Screenshot of the SocialScan blockchain explorer interface


The entire purpose of a blockchain explorer is to forge a connection between users. But until now, that connection has been limited to taking a limited peek into a user’s activity or by simply copy-and-pasting a link as a receipt of a transaction. So if our primary source of blockchain-based interactions originates from the blockchain explorer, why not expand and magnify that value proposition?

Now, there’s no more need for a third party to facilitate the communication portion of the transaction. Nor are transactions made in the dark. SocialScan completely eliminates the thick, impenetrable barrier that users have always faced in the Web3 world and brightly illuminates an easily accessible community.

“We’re excited for the Polygon ecosystem to be able to access a blockchain explorer with wallet-to-wallet chat features via SocialScan from Sending Labs. This kind of improved user experience is just what the space needs, we’re eager to see its ripple effects across the blockchain landscape,” says Jordi Baylina, Co-Founder of Polygon.

Screenshot of the Polygon zkEVM blockchain explorer interface with a new wallet-to-wallet "Message" function developed by Sending Labs and W3W, commissioned by Polygon.
Screenshot of the Polygon zkEVM blockchain explorer interface with a new wallet-to-wallet “Message” function developed by Sending Labs and W3W, commissioned by Polygon.


A glimpse into notable use cases includes:

  • Web3 Social Media: SocialScan operates like a social media app with wallet addresses as handles, creating Web3, token-gated/POAP-access communities.
  • Wallet-to-Wallet Chat: Users can chat, initiate NFT trades, negotiate directly with owners for better deals, or even attempt to recover misplaced funds.
  • Community Rewards: Users can participate in community discussions and earn rewards, creating a dynamic and interactive community environment.
  • Decentralized Marketplace: The platform facilitates OTC trading of NFTs and enables users to request invoices for specific transactions.
  • Whale Watching: Replace websites like Whale Alert or Whale Stats and follow wallets, organize top wallets by stats, and view NFT and gaming item trades.
  • Highly User Friendly: A forthcoming feature from Sending Labs will allow token swapping directly within the chatbox.

Aiming to restructure users’ on-chain credentials across public blockchains, SocialScan constructs the next-generation Web3 gateway, natively integrating users’ social connections, communities, loyalty history, trust scores, and more, allowing for secure and trustworthy communications, social interactions, and trading activities to thrive. Two months after its first deployment, SocialScan Explorer supports a growing list of ecosystems including Ethereum, Polygon, Mantle Network, Linea, Immutable, ZetaChain, Base, and many more.

Start using SocialScan here.

About W3W.AI

W3W.AI is a Web3 intelligence platform that facilitates growth within the web3 space through on-chain/off-chain user behavior analytics. It is the main contributor of SocialScan which is a revolutionary blockchain explorer offering 20X+ cost reduction and 10X+ faster deployment time, all while maintaining the highest performance, serving developers’ needs in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, especially for the rollup and application-specific blockchain future. The core team members have years of experience from world-leading institutions including Stanford University, Google, Binance, TikTok, Meta, CMU, Tsinghua, NTU, USTC etc.

Website: W3W.AI

About Sending Labs

Sending Labs is a pioneering communication infrastructure company. Since 2022, Sending Labs has been at the forefront of innovation and technological developments within the Web3 ecosystem. Games, NFT platforms, wallets, DEXs, dApps and communities use Sending Labs’ product family to organize, manage, and grow their communities while maintaining the users’ ownership over their data. We inspire and empower Web3 communities, developers and users with the tools and platform they need to communicate openly and securely. Together, let’s shape the free and new world we envision.


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Name: Lindsay YimView
Company Name: Sending Labs

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