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SELFLLERY: exchange likes for cryptocurrency

Nowadays you can receive cryptocurrency for an active social life due to the new platform SELFLLERY. The platform provides opportunities that no social resource could provide before. It converts likes, participation in advertising campaigns, photography competitions and photo quests into YOU tokens.

Earned currency can be used to buy goods and services in the marketplace, donated to charity, or simply transferred to Ethereum wallets and then into cash. Tokens will be accrued in accordance with the coefficient, which is affected by participation in photo contests and the position in the general rating, which all registered users of SELFLLERY are participants of. Each user’s rating place is affected by the total number of received likes, comments and photo views. Thus, everyone will be fairly rewarded with YOU tokens.

You can start using SELFLLERY right now by downloading the MVP version of the application on Android. The application will be available for users of iOS devices in early March. Those who register on the platform before TGE, which starts on the 5th of March and ends on the 26th March, will automatically receive an increased accrual coefficient (up to x2), unlike those who will be registered after the official launch of the platform.

The developers of SELFLLERY made the main emphasis on the charity module, which will allow users to voluntarily donate from 5% to 100% of the earned tokens. The very SELFLLERY platform will transfer 10% of its profits to various charitable organizations. The charity platform provides everyone with an opportunity to help animals, children, medicine, education, people affected by natural disasters and other. Moreover, due to the blockchain technology, all transfers are provided with transparency and security, so the volunteers don’t need to worry that the money will go to a third party. All deductions will reach the recipients.

On the 5th of March 2018 at 12.00 (UTC +03:00) SELFLLERY starts Token Sale. In the first 48 hours of Token Generation Event, You can buy YOU tokens with 5% bonus. Thus, the future is right now.

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