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Selectron Fastener in Turkey


Selectron Fastener is one of the fastest-growing companies in Turkey. They are also one of the leading fastener producers in the world. Their fasteners are used to make constructions, vehicles, and equipment. The company is located in Silivri, Turkey, and has been supplying these products to customers around the world since 2005.

What material are screws made of?

Screws are small, tapered machines that are used to attach objects. Traditionally, screws were made of steel, but today, they are available in a wide range of materials. Several standards describe screw materials. These can be used to determine the best material for a particular application.

The most popular material for screws is stainless steel. However, titanium is also common. Titanium is lightweight and durable. It is also used in medical applications. Copper is another popular choice. Copper is less expensive and has excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminium is another good material, though it is not as durable as other metals.

There are many other types of materials, including plastics, copper, aluminum, brass, titanium, and PTFE. A variety of coatings can be applied to screws, which may improve performance and durability. Some coatings include zinc, copper, and chromium.

Although the name screw sounds fancy, it’s a simple machine that is often self-tapping. Generally, the size of a screw is determined by the diameter of the thread.

Screw Manufacturer in Turkey

Selectron Fastener is one of the leading fastener manufacturers in Turkey. It produces a plethora of screws for a variety of industries. The company also manufactures a wide range of other industrial products.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has a large international sales network. They also have a well-trained and experienced staff.

The company’s product line includes self-drilling screws, assembly screws, and self-tapping bolts. Some of their products are marketed in several European countries.

Selectron’s production facility is located in Silivri, Istanbul. There is also a facility in Ireland. This company has been around for 25 years and has established itself as a leading fastener manufacturer in Turkey.

Another important feature of the company is its continuous investment in quality assurance systems. Aside from producing good quality products, the company has been known for its stringent testing methods.

What are fasteners used for?

Fasteners are a type of hardware equipment used in different industries to join two pieces of an object together. They are generally made of metal, such as aluminum, steel, or brass. Various factors are important in choosing the right fasteners for a specific project.

Fasteners are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for a wide range of applications. Although they are usually made of aluminum, they may be fabricated from other metals such as stainless steel. Stainless steel offers exceptional corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for many industrial and construction applications.

Depending on the application, fasteners can be either permanent or non-permanent. Screws, nuts, and bolts are among the most common types of fasteners.

Choosing the right fastener for a specific job can be difficult. To ensure you select the correct fastener, it is essential to conduct research. However, you can also make use of certain design considerations to help you decide.

Turkish Fastener Producer

In recent years, Turkey has become a hub for fastener manufacturing in the world. Due to its proximity to Europe, Turkey has been able to compete well with China. It has seen rapid growth in its economy from 2003 to 2018.

Turkey has a population of 50 million people, which makes it one of the largest countries in Europe. It is the eleventh largest state in the world and is a country that bridges Southeastern Europe and Western Asia.

As a result, the country has experienced rapid economic growth, and it now stands at the 13th position on the global economic index. The export target for Turkey is estimated at $1 billion in 2023.

The main reason for the growing demand for fasteners in Turkey is the increase in automobile production. In fact, 80% of the fastener manufacturers in the country supply vehicles for the Turkish market.

Selectron Fastener is one of the leading fastener producers in Turkey. This company has been in the industry for several years and has built a name for itself. Since it was founded, the company has been focusing on improving its capacity for producing standard products. Moreover, it also invests heavily in quality assurance systems.

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