Security locks for shipping containers

There are different types of containers with a few different ways of locking them. There are storage containers and shipping containers. Most commonly the containers we secure are old shipping containers that are used for storage. These have the handle / bar locking system and have the central shrouded lock. The storage containers are more often custom built to varying sizes and door types but often use the central shrouded locking which takes a square-bodied padlock.

The major issue with security on these container doors is the fact it is exposed outside the container. This leaves it vulnerable to attack. Nearly all the container locks offered will protect against basic sawing attempts but will not protect against angle grinders and welding torches…. This is clearly a huge issue as if you are looking to secure thousands of pounds worth of equipment/power tools you want to know your containers secure from this type of attack.

After some widespread research, The Lockshop Warehouse has placed two very brilliant high-security products that will shield towards attitude grinders and welding torches which we consider will make storage containers a ways greater impervious and stop burglaries in secluded storage yards. Below are the excellent methods of securely locking the containers and we have listed the pleasant merchandise we suggest to everybody searching to improve their container door.


The FeroSafe Container lock box is the only product on the market with the specialist anti-grinder plates welded internally to protect the important parts of the lock box from grinding attacks. The special plates destroy the grinding wheels when they try to cut through them. This can be seen in the video below. When they tried to cut through the lock box they used 10 grinding discs and then gave up and barely made a dent through the plates…. so these container lock boxes are a fantastic addition to the security of your container doors.

Used Conex delivers more than 30 containers within 200-300 miles from  Atlanta shipping container yards. To schedule your shipping container delivery to Atlanta, Murphy, Denton, Gainesville, Wichita Falls or any other city within that range, you can give us a call and check out our current delivery time-frame. 


5 Essential Steps to a Secure Shipping Container

  1. Use heavy-duty padlocks or a container lockbox. …
  2. Make sure your container is sealed and maintained. …
  3. Point cameras at the targeted area. …
  4. Install an alarm system inside the container. …
  5. Maintain a consistent record book.

For more information, call us at 1-800-230-7764, and our sales team will be happy to help you choose the best option.

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