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Certified by the STQC. The device is powered by both the Mobile ID FAP 20 and the FIPS 201 (PIV) technologies. The device features an ergonomic and comfortable design for effective fingerprint-scanning operations. The Hamster Pro features the most advanced and rugged optical sensor in the industry that works based on the patented biometric SEIR fingerprint technology. It is equipped with modern features to help increase its efficiency and effectiveness. This means that the device offers increased performance when deployed for usage.

The Hamster Pro is compatible with the Auto-On-compatible software which it works with. With this device, the scanner is activated and goes to scan the finger as soon as the sensor is touched. The device is activated automatically without any prompt.

The Hamster Pro comes with a low profile that enhances its use while on the go. To enhance its durability, the device is IP65-certified against dust. The device also features a water-resistant design that helps to prevent water ingress. The device is built based on the most advanced and rugged optical sensor technology in the industry. The device works with patented fingerprint technology.

Discontinuation of the Hamster Pro 20 by SecuGen

SecuGen Corporation in the USA is the company behind the Hamster Pro 20. This device has been discontinued immediately effect. The company have now moved to launch the all-new Hamster Pro 20 AP. While the Hamster Pro 20 is lauded for its advanced features, the Hamster Pro 20 AP is more efficient in terms of cost but sports the same features as the Hamster Pro 20. Also, the all-new Hamster Pro 20 is compliant with the most recent biometric requirements.

Based on the view of the developer, the only difference between both devices is in the return of the API call. However, both the Hamster Pro 20 and the Hamster Pro 20 AP have the same image size and resolution. The Hamster Pro 20 AP is also certified by the STQC and the UIDAI. Both models possess similar RD services procedures.

An important feature of the devices is that addition is done manually for those that were purchased outside of India or those that are not part of the Secugen database in India.


SecuGen RD service registered devices: What are their features?

Devices that are registered for executing accurate SecuGen RD service are registered for compliance. These devices are distinguished based on their features. They possess obvious features that work as a distinguishing factor from unregistered devices. Some of the features are:


  • Based on its superior design and production, the devices are made to carry out accurate and fast verification processes.
  • They are effective for latent print image removal.
  • They are optimized for the encryption of templates for fingerprint scanning.
  • The device features fingerprint device recognition technology.
  • The device is known for its ability to connect to multiple devices.
  • The machine is compatible with any finger.
  • It is made of lightweight material and built to be compact for enhanced portability.
  • The device always executes high-quality fingerprint scanning even with a scarred, wet, or dry finger.
  • It sports an advanced technology that is used for fraud detection (it can detect fake fingers).


The technical features of the mechanism

The device is a level 0 (L-0) machine that is certified by the STQC. Also, as a unique identification machine, it is compliant with Personal Identity Verification – (PIV). The device works with a toughened glass film that is highly resistant to external elements. This is an FBI-certified device that is compatible with a normal USB and a micro USB. It is an IP65-rated device that is resistant to dust and other foreign elements. Also, for its software features, the SDK is available for additional development.  The device is compliant with both the FAP 20 and the FIPS-201 (PIV).


The Hamster Pro 20 AP: The latest features

  • Features a more updated CMOS sensor that replaces the outdated U20 sensor.
  • The HU20-AP features a prism which is a modified PMMA (Poly methyl methacrylate) because of its suitability for mass production. It is also a little bit lighter than the prism installed in the U20.
  • Because it can work with a low current, the HU20-AP is suitable for Android applications that consume a lot of battery power.
  • The HU20-AP sports a C-type connection in addition to the Micro USB and the USB.
  • The system features additional biometric security involved when buying and accessing the applications that you buy from the Windows store.

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