Second Edition of the Winding Tree Hackathon in Lisbon, #HackTravel 2019

One of the biggest problems faced today by decentralized ledger technology (DLT) based ledger platforms is their inability to realize that a service based on a single mode or sector drastically reduces the utilization of their potential.

Blockchain has certainly affected and changed how information management and transfer is handled. This can be any type of information and contain any data. Winding Tree is a decentralized platform that has realized the potential for this and built an ecosystem that caters to a multitude of sectors and industries. Rather than being designed with a tunnel vision in mind, the platform gives the opportunity for commerce and trade of any kind to be shifted to blockchain. The platform offers the power of decentralization to:

  • Generic and specialist suppliers
  • Sellers and agent of all kinds of products and services.
  • Software developers and vendors
  • Travel and technology related community.

Winding Tree’s Travel Tech Hackathon

Winding Tree believes that the best way to promote the use of blockchain is to create opportunities for people to come together, discuss and showcase their ideas. The hackathon is open not only for the tech minded and oriented, but also for people with soft skills and management.

With a goal to have a hackathon that is not traditional in sense, the Winding Tree hackathon has a goal to enable the community to leverage the collective business expertise and giving the chance to put forward Proof of Concept proposals. The hackathon is designed for participants who are:

  • Business and product representatives from airline, hoteling and software development sector.
  • Travel experts.
  • Leaders of startups and other OTA services.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Technical teams who wish to get in touch with different businesses and representatives to maximize their business.

Participating people will be able to use the Winding Tree community to get connected with different experts from different fields and organizations. They will also be exposed to other projects and Proof of Concepts. Through mingling with these people, participants will be even be able to contact resources that they need for continuation and completion of their projects.

Hackathon Details

The Hackathon is set to start on the 3rd of July in Lisbon, Portugal and will continue till 5th. The first day will be dedicated to business activities. This will include talks, trainings and others. This activity will continue into the next day. At the end of 4th of July, participants will have the opportunity to present their projects and concepts. Hackers will then tackle the ideas and projects, determining the feasibility and security of the projects.

The activity follows the successful one done last year.  The hackathon was held in Prague during October 2018. Like the one planned this year, the last hackathon was also aimed at the airline and travel companies, allowing people from all over the world to connect using the Winding Tree open source platform. Last year, the hackathon had received more than 85 applications from 20 plus countries. The hackathon was a first of its kind with developers from airlines, hoteling and tourism industries sitting down together and writing codes

How to Apply

Applicants can visit the Winding Tree website and apply online. The applications are open and early bird discount are available for a limited number of seats for USD250. The early bird discount is open till June 10th.

Additionally, if applicants bring in their own development team (at least one member), they get an extra discount (50% on business tickets and no extra cost of developers).

About Winding Tree

Winding Tree is a decentralized platform that leverages blockchain technology and utilizes it to create an ecosystem where different services and product sector, such as airlines, tourism, hoteling, software and different startups can connect directly with each other and clients.

The elimination of middlemen means that the services become not only cheaper, but the overall speed of interaction increases. Another factor that places Winding Tree in a position to disrupt the market is that the services, such as airlines, are usually not willing to share data and this silo situation means that a lot of potential is wasted. Winding Tree ensures that data walls are taken down and a beneficial situation for all is created.

Winding Tree has already worked with as number of major organizations. Air New Zealand has benefited from the blockchain ecosystem and its sales process has been enhanced, with reduction in complexity. This has led to a substantial decrease in their costs, which has enabled the airline service to offer reduced packages to its customers.

With the hackathon, the Winding Tree platform will help service industries all over the globe achieve efficiency and ultimately, help grow their customer base.

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