Seattle-based startup created a search engine to find experts for health-related concepts

Have you ever wondered who the most influential people or companies are for a specific niche or concept? Who would be the best person to consult about a problem or to invite to serve as an ambassador for your brand or product?

Experts, physicians, doctors, and healthcare professionals have come together to create medications, products, devices, and services that are recognized and widely utilized by the general public to help them live a better life – despite their medical conditions. But, connecting the dots, and finding the right professionals in your field of interest isn’t an easy task.

There are usually two ways one can identify key opinion leaders in healthcare: one is the traditional route of reading many research papers via pubmed, cdc stacks, etc,  to try to understand who are the key players that pop up often, but this is time-consuming and it is not easy to quantify the level of influence of a particular researcher for a given topic. For instance, there is no objective way to tell if person A has more or less influence than person B in a specific field or for a specific topic within that field.

The second method for identifying key opinion leaders involves using traditional market analysis providers who hire analysts (to read the research papers for you and compile a list of influential people), but this process is still manual, might take several days, and is costly.

HealthMetrica, a Seattle-based startup, launched a free search engine ( that finds influential people for health-related concepts using artificial intelligence.

Suppose you wanted to find the top experts in Japan that research uses of Gabapentin for Mechanical Allodynia, the search engine gives you the top experts already pre-ranked by influence for that specific set of criteria. 

The search engine lets you find people by searching for concepts like medical conditions, medications, brand names, CPT codes, ICD codes, organizations, and locations. After you perform a search you can refine the results by filtering down the result set by multiple criteria.

If you are interested in seeing what concepts a particular person (like a friend, colleague, or sales lead) has to influence, you can search directly by the person’s name. This could be useful to create warmer introductions.

According to their website, HealthMetrica’s database has over 30 million researchers worldwide, 80 million medical publications, 3 million clinical trials records, and 3 trillion person/concept pairs. The search engine is open to the public and free of charge.

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