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SeatlabNFT – $SEAT Trading Now Live!

SeatlabNFT, the innovative new NFT ticketing startup, has announced that their $SEAT token can now be traded live on Ref Finance. Today is the first time that $SEAT has been made available for the public to trade, following their IDO on the Skyward platform back in May.

The ticketing industry is ready for a change, with fraud and ticket scalping still a huge problem for the live events community. Issuing tickets as NFTs is a logical solution to these problems, as the traceability and proof of ownership provided by blockchain directly address fraud, while smart contracts allow for a much healthier secondary market.

SeatlabNFT is one of the first NFT ticketing platforms ready to provide NFT ticketing at scale. Built on the climate-neutral NEAR Protocol blockchain, SeatlabNFT also aims to create a platform which gives fans a more connected, immersive live events experience through the power of NFT airdrops. Airdrops are already being used widely in the entertainment sector, and SeatlabNFT is pushing their adoption by making them more accessible through their platform.

The company has had a successful couple of months, recently hosting a VIP NFT-ticketed networking event at NEARCON in September. In August, they partnered with Lost Village festival to create a pioneering NFT membership card experience for UK festival-goers, which demonstrated the additional functionality that their platform offers for event creators. They also hosted an intimate ADE side party and their seven-stage Seatlab Sounds university tour featuring Clean Bandit, R3WIRE and more, all ticketed via their app.

Their native utility token, $SEAT, gives holders a range of benefits and rewards, from discounted booking fees to an exclusive Rewards Centre where they can claim rewards and free products. It also opens up the opportunity to stake their tokens in exchange for a cut of platform booking fee revenue.

The team behind the project has decades of combined experience in the live events sector and is using their industry contacts to speed up NFT ticketing adoption. Additionally, to accelerate adoption, they recently announced their Event Creator Fund which sees £1,000,000 set aside in non-repayable grants to help cover the costs of live events.

A CEX launch is in the pipeline, but the Ref Finance DEX launch today, October 27th, is an early opportunity for investors to trade $SEAT. To celebrate this, SeatlabNFT has created a yield farm where liquidity providers can deposit their LP tokens to get massive rewards paid out in $SEAT. Anybody can become a liquidity provider by depositing into the SEAT<>NEAR liquidity pool on Ref Finance.

NFT ticketing stands to revolutionise the events industry, and SeatlabNFT is well-placed to lead the charge. 

Buy $SEAT today and invest in the future of live events. For more information, click here.


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