Seaside Club launches its Seed Stage Fund

Seaside Club, a blockchain ecosystem delivering opportunities to increase one’s income using WEB3 technologies, has officially launched its Seed, Stage Fund.

During the Seed Stage, which will occur from November 2022 to February 2023, the company aims to raise $21 mln. The Seaside Coin will be offered at a $0.15 price, and seed round investors will receive a 17% bonus additional coin allocation to the total amount locked. 

Seaside Club is a unique ecosystem where traditional spheres (real estate, gold, diamond, etc.) and innovative technologies work together. The project has a well-developed corporate structure consisting of 2 main parts:

  • Seaside Holding (including traditional businesses mentioned above)
  • Seaside Club Technology which includes the following projects: 
  1. NFT Marketplace
  2. Seaside platform
  3. Community network
  4. Learn-to-earn app 
  5. Metaverse
  6. Crypto Hunters Show

“We’ve launched the Seaside Club with a strong belief that WEB3 is the future which is now. And our goal is to let people increase their incomes using WEB3 technologies. Now, we’ve already invested $1.6 million in the project & expecting to receive $15 million Seed Investments from Web3 Funds, VCs and private investors to by the end of January 2023. Other $6 million will be raised from community.”

Seaside club breakthrough benefits

Thanks to the well-developed integrated smart-contract system Seaside Club ensures transparency on the processing level. Moreover, the team has designed a scheme allowing income regardless of the crypto market condition. The company uses profits from investments in traditional industries to achieve this goal.

140 MLN coins – that’s how much we’re going to provide min for 0,15 cents – 0,6 cents when entering the Exchange, which means the guaranteed X4 profit. Never done before by any company, states Hussein Karaki.

Seaside Club is already partnering with Chain Link, PureFi, and FKT 42 blockchain development. Holding has signed an agreement with Boomtown Production to create the Crypto Hunters show, a one of its kind TV series aimed both at telling about blockchain technologies to a wider audience and engaging new people in the fast-growing community.

Check out the project’s social media: Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, or learn more about the project here

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