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Seacoast Press Review: An Award-Winning Hybrid Publisher for Aspiring Authors

As the world of book publishing continues to evolve, traditional and self-publishing pathways have given way to a new approach known as hybrid publishing. Among the leaders in this field is Seacoast Press, an award-winning hybrid publisher that has been receiving rave reviews from authors who have utilized their services. This article provides a comprehensive review of Seacoast Press, showcasing why it is a top choice for authors looking to publish a book.

Founded by J.J. Hebert, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Seacoast Press has carved a niche for itself in the publishing world. The company’s commitment to quality, collaboration, and author satisfaction has been lauded by many authors who have published through them. One of the unique features of Seacoast Press is its financing offer, a rarity in the book publishing world. This feature makes it even more accessible to authors, allowing them to focus on their writing without worrying about the financial aspects of publishing.

Seacoast Press offers two main packages: the Bestseller package and the Standard package. The Bestseller package, priced at $9500, is designed for authors who aspire to see their books top the charts. It includes a bestseller campaign and editing services to ensure your book has the quality to become a bestseller. This package represents a comprehensive solution for authors seeking not just to publish their work but to make a significant impact in their genre.

On the other hand, the Standard package, priced at $6000, caters to authors who want the full-service approach but are not necessarily aiming to become bestselling authors. This package still provides excellent value, offering the same high-quality publishing services without the specific bestseller campaign.

Seacoast Press prides itself on offering traditional-quality self-publishing services. They empower authors with a supportive and author-friendly publishing experience. Authors retain their publishing rights, a significant advantage over traditional publishing where authors often have to relinquish their rights.

Moreover, Seacoast Press has been praised for giving power back to authors, allowing them to avoid the negative aspects of the traditional industry. The company is described as “well worth having a discussion with” if you want to publish your book and maintain control over your work.

In addition to their acclaimed publishing services, Seacoast Press also offers a range of additional services, including book reviews, which can help authors gain visibility and credibility in the market. Their objective is to help authors become Amazon best sellers, a goal they have successfully achieved for numerous authors. It’s important to note that Seacoast Press is not part of the Seacoast Media Group.

In conclusion, Seacoast Press stands out as a top choice for authors seeking a hybrid publishing solution. Their commitment to quality, author satisfaction, and transparency sets them apart in the industry. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned writer looking for a new publishing avenue, Seacoast Press is undoubtedly worth considering. Their comprehensive services, financing options, and author-friendly approach make them a promising choice for any author looking to publish a book.

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