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Scott O. Hirsch on What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing

Scott O Hirsch often marvels at how far marketing has come since the advent of the internet. Digital marketing allows you to reach more people with a lower financial investment than you would need for broad print marketing or T.V. commercials.

It isn’t a simple approach but understanding how it works can help you develop a digital marketing strategy to grow your business. Here’s what you need to know to create successful campaigns.

Digital Marketing Offers a Wide Range of Marketing Platforms

Digital marketing doesn’t take just one form. You have multiple options available to you. Diversifying your marketing strategy can help cast a wide net while reaching your target audience. There are five primary digital marketing channels:

Social media: Scott O Hirsch suggests that social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools. 92% of all businesses in the U.S. use social media to promote their brands and develop customer relationships.

Content: Content marketing generally happens on your website, though posting content in other web spaces can significantly increase your reach. Compelling content is engaging and provides value. People are more likely to share video content than any other format.

Search engine optimization: Customers who search the internet rarely move through more than a page or two of the search results. According to Scott O. Hirsch, if your brand doesn’t show up there, your target customers are less likely to discover you. SEO marketing boosts your brand in search engine results.

Email: Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to turn leads into conversions. They may also be essential in maintaining your customer base. Email campaigns are not costly and have a high return on investment.

Pay-per-click: With PPC ads, you pay when people click on your ad rather than when they view it. You can use this form of advertisement across multiple channels, including search engines, social media and websites relevant to your industry.

Scott O Hirsch recommends developing a strategy that utilizes all five digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Requires a Time Investment

While digital marketing is cost-effective, it requires you to invest your time. You need to conduct market research to learn what your competitors are doing and what approaches are successful. Digital marketing also requires testing various campaigns and strategies and analyzing the data to determine what works for you. Digital marketing isn’t static. You need to engage consistently with your audience and allow your plan to evolve as your audience’s needs and wants change.

Scott O. Hirsch Recommends Considering Professional Marketing Services

Hiring a professional marketer may not be feasible for everyone, but it is worth consideration. While you have to pay for services, you save yourself the time it takes to learn effective strategies. It may offer you a higher ROI in the end if you can manage the upfront costs.

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