ScopePro Dual Screen Monitor Review: A Remarkable Dual Display Option

ScopePro Dual Screen Monitor Review: A Remarkable Dual Display Option

“The SCOPEPRO series portable 2K HD monitor offers a more flexible solution. The ScopePro Dual is a 14-inch portable screen compatible with most laptops, supporting iOS, Windows, and Linux. I tested the ScopePro and found it weighs only 1.1 pounds and has a thickness of 4.8mm (at its thinnest point).”

The ScopePro Dual Screen Monitor is designed to provide enhanced productivity and multitasking capabilities with its dual-screen setup. It allows users to simultaneously view and work on two separate screens, which can be especially useful for tasks such as coding, graphic design, video editing, and data analysis. Each screen can display different content, providing flexibility and efficiency in various workflows.


The SCOPE PRO Dual screen monitor features an all-aluminum construction, which closely resembles the material of my MacBook.

Each ScopePro requires a sticker to be placed on the back of your laptop. I purchased their package, which includes a transparent protective case for my MacBook. If you also purchase this package, the ScopePro team will install the sticker for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself, and the price is cheaper than most transparent cases on Amazon. Installation is very convenient.

Scope Pro Dual offers 5 different modes, achievable with just one sticker and their stand. I’ve tested other dual-screen monitors, but they typically only have one or two modes, usually side-by-side or stack mode and they often tend to be unstable. However, Scope Pro Dual is very stable, and I can adjust the angle according to my needs. If you need more screens, you can simply install an additional sticker, allowing for up to 3 screens, although my laptop only supports two. So, if you plan to purchase more than 2 screens, make sure to check if your computer supports them. Scope Pro only requires one cable for connection, eliminating the need for downloading software, making it incredibly convenient.


The screen quality of SCOPE PRO Dual screen monitor surpasses that of most portable monitors I’ve used before. It offers a 2K resolution and achieves true 100% sRGB color accuracy. When using Scope Pro for design work, I don’t experience any color deviation, and it matches seamlessly with my MacBook. You can directly adjust the color and brightness using buttons. Scopepro’s maximum brightness is around 400 nits, making it usable even outdoors as long as it’s not under direct sunlight, which is something other monitors I’ve used couldn’t achieve.

The ScopePro Dual Screen Monitor offers excellent performance with its high-resolution screens, smooth refresh rates, and efficient multitasking capabilities. Its dual-screen setup enhances productivity and provides a seamless workflow for various tasks.

Price and availability

ScopePro Dual series is priced at $199-$249 (maximum). This is roughly comparable to the price of Mobile Pixels, a competitor’s dual-screen portable display, and cheaper than Xebec and Sidetrak. I’ve tried other brands before, and they were often heavy, thick, and unstable. ScopePro offers a more convenient and stable solution compared to these brands.

You can purchase the SCOPE PRO Dual on Kickstarter, where they offer a 33% discount for more details click here.

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