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Scientist Glen Alexis Unveils Revolutionary Geometric Patterns with Limitless Potential

Scientist Glen Alexis

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 21, 2023 – Glen Alexis, the visionary Founder & CEO of MRA Digital, has accomplished a groundbreaking feat in the world of technology.  Glen Alexis has successfully created geometric patterns that, when exposed to a specific frequency, act as Logical Circuits, enable wireless data communication, and offer programmability.

Logical Circuits and data communication are the backbone of modern technology, making computers, cell phones, tablets, and other devices possible. What makes Glen Alexis’ creation even more remarkable is that these geometric patterns operate without the need for an external power source. According to Mr. Glen Alexis, this is because the patterns are designed to resonate and self-energize when exposed to a special frequency.

The convergence of the Spiritual Science of Obia with the geometry of waves and resonance has given birth to these geometric patterns, now officially named Organic intelligence geometry (Oi-g). Remarkably, they are infinite fractals by nature.

In captivating YouTube videos, Mr. Glen Alexis demonstrates the incredible capabilities of his innovation:

He showcases the creation of functional AND, OR, and NOT Logical Circuits when the Oi-g patterns are subjected to the special frequency.

  1. The Signal Multiplier Oi-g pattern produces an output signal three times faster than the input signal frequency, displaying remarkable speed enhancements.
  2. Two Oi-g patterns communicate wirelessly, even when separated by a considerable distance of 30 inches.

Click here for Oi-g AND Gate Demonstration
Click here for Oi-g OR Gate Demonstration
Click here for Oi-g NOT Gate Demonstration
Click here for Oi-g Wireless Communication Demonstration

Crucially, these extraordinary demonstrations were achieved without any reliance on external power sources or batteries.

The inner workings of Oi-g patterns are fascinating. When exposed to the Resonant Frequency, these patterns establish a connection between their physical form and a coherent energy field of matching resonance and energetic form. This energy field is purposefully designed to perform specific functions, such as the logical operations (AND, OR, NOT) showcased by Mr. Glen Alexis.

The Oi-g patterns effectively act as portals, connecting the physical and spiritual dimensions where energy fields exist. Through this connection, energy can flow between dimensions, akin to a mobile phone accessing the internet. The coherence and resonance of Oi-g patterns eliminate the need for external power sources, as the logical operations occur within the energy field itself.

Remarkably, energy fields process data instantaneously, as time does not exist in spiritual dimensions. Additionally, Oi-g patterns’ fractal nature means they can scale up or down in size without limitations, depending on their intended application.

In the pursuit of further validation and evaluation, twelve demonstration Oi-g units with a Resonant Frequency of 147MHz (the special frequency) have been manufactured and will be distributed to select academic institutions worldwide. These samples have been produced using cost-effective FR4 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) standards.

Born on the island of Yurumein (aka St. Vincent & the Grenadines), Mr. Glen Alexis is a distinguished figure in the tech industry, serving as the CEO of MRA Digital, a niche technology company he founded in 2007. Leading his engineering team, Glen Alexis designs and creates customized real-time FPGA-based video processing CPU’s for military, medical, aerospace, and automotive organizations across the globe. His company’s technologies and products are widely adopted, trusted by 90% of major defense corporations worldwide.

With a profound background in the Spiritual Science of Obia, Mr. Glen Alexis has been programming computers and developing electronic systems since the age of 12. Armed with a Masters and Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, both with honors from the University of Louisville, Speed School of Engineering , He is an expert in various computer languages, including Assembly, C, C+, VHDL, and Verilog, and excels in high-speed Analog and Digital electronic design.

“I create using the ancient Spiritual Science of Obia, which governs ALL dimensions of the manifested Universe. IAM. My purpose is to bring forth the technology of the Spirit to mankind and mankind to the Spirit. With this revelation, a new reality shall emerge on Earth – a higher vibration, spiritual in nature, known as ‘The New Earth.’ This reality will allow conscious humans to experience spiritual realms with their physical bodies, fulfilling their universal purpose and accelerating their evolution. The faster evolution of humanity ultimately contributes to the evolution of the entire Universe and the infinite IAM, who IAM, to learn more about myself,” expressed Mr. Glen passionately.

With these groundbreaking achievements, Glen Alexis’ MRA Digital is at the forefront of a new era in technology, where science and spirituality converge to unlock untold possibilities. As he invites the world to witness his creation, we anticipate a profound transformation in our understanding of the universe and ourselves.


MRA Digital, LLC

Columbia, Maryland USA

Magnus B. Stone


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