Scaling Your Bar with Innovative Technology Solutions: A Useful Guide

Innovative Technology Solutions

Technology advancements have infiltrated and changed how businesses operate today. Everything that we do has some aspect of technology controlling it. 

For instance, if I wanted to open a bank account, deposit money into the account, make transactions from the account, order a meal, and then a ride to get me to my office, I can do all of it from my phone without having to interact with anyone physically.

This shows how technology has made life easy for us. Similarly, when it comes to the bar business, technology is having a huge impact on how they operate. Bar owners are implementing innovative solutions to aid the operations of their businesses.

That notwithstanding, some bar owners have been left confused with the hundreds of bar tools, applications, and other tech solutions that they have at their disposal. They do not know how to choose the ones that are good for their businesses.

Here is a useful guide on the right technology tools that bar owners can use to scale their businesses;

Use of Digital Bar Menu Boards

Digital bar menu boards are not only easy to read for customers but also attractive and attention-grabbing. This is important when looking for ways to increase beer sales since they streamline the ordering process in bars.

In addition, digital beer menu boards make life easy for the bar staff since they update easily and save them a lot of time that they can spend doing other things. This helps in improving service and giving customers what they want.

Research shows that bars using these menu boards have been able to increase their orders by up to five percent compared to those that do not use the boards. The main aim is to increase sales, and digital menus are helping bar owners do just that.

Modern POS Systems

The POS system should be the most important innovation for any bar owner today. However, you need to make sure that you are using the modern digital POS (Point of Sale) systems that come with several features for the management of sales.

Today’s POS systems are not designed to just manage sales. They come with other features such as guest management and inventory tools to simplify the entire process of managing a bar business.

They also integrate easily with other bar tools to share data, something that is important when managing your business remotely. This is a technology tool that bar owners should invest in for the success of their bar business.

Tableside Payment Systems

This is a new technology that is taking off among most bars around the globe. They have added this feature to their digital POS systems. 

Bar owners are investing in POS systems that come with hand-held devices used for taking orders as well as making payments. The devices are mobile, making sure that customers can make payments right from their tables.

One of the main advantages of this system is the security and convenience it offers to customers. For instance, their credit cards do not leave their sight, meaning that anyone with malicious attempts of stealing the customers’ information will not get a chance.

Inventory Solutions

Finally, bar owners are implementing new solutions to handle their inventories. Gone are the days when they had to use excel sheets and enter everything manually. This consumed a lot of time.

Today, smart bar owners are using innovative solutions for this. For instance, some of them are using their smartphones, taking a picture of all the available items, or connecting the smartphone to a scale that is used to weigh the items.

After that, the phone then sends the count data or quantity of the items into the inventory management system that they use. This consumes far less time, is cheap, and is very accurate.


The main aim of technology is to streamline bar operations, save time, and boost sales. The three are very important for the success of every bar. It, therefore, means that bar owners need to look at the right technology innovations for them to increase sales in their businesses.

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