Scaling ‘Everest’ of Success, TMS Network (TMSN) Looks Down at TRON (TRX) and Monero (XMR)

TMS Network (TMSN)

Investing in crypto often feels like scaling a mountain – just when you think you have reached the peak of the climb, a big descent is necessary before an even bigger peak! Upcoming investment platform TMS Network (TMSN) has been a great example of the mountainous growth of crypto albeit without the dips, yet unfortunately, it is only valuation dips that TRON (TRX) and Monero (XMR) are currently expecting. 

So, does this mean that TMS Network (TMSN) is the only crypto mountain worth climbing, or is it worth getting staked in TRON (TRX) and Monero (XMR) too? This depends on your risk aversion, especially for TRON (TRX) and Monero (XMR), and if you’re looking for something that is heading up without negative sentiment, TMS Network (TMSN) looks best. Read on to discover exactly why!

TMS Network (TMSN) 

TMS Network (TMSN) is a crypto investment platform designed to make life easier for crypto beginners to mitigate their risks. TMS Network (TMSN) achieves this in various ways, including by integrating stocks, FX, CFD, and derivatives trading into the same crypto platform. This means that TMS Network (TMSN) have no excuse not to diversify their portfolio and minimize risk.

TMS Network (TMSN) also includes social trading templates, trading signals, and perhaps more importantly the TMS Network (TMSN) beginners trading academy for further risk mitigation. These features are user-focussed and present advanced asset trading in a very accessible manner, so along with its decentralized governance system and community, TMS Network (TMSN) has been offering so much in its presale, leading to 1963% gains


TRON (TRX) is a cryptocurrency network that is all about one word – sustainability. TRON (TRX) leverages its in-house Sun Network to validate blockchain transactions, which is highly efficient, affordable, and sustainable. Sustainability is a key challenge for the future of crypto, so TRON (TRX) has been smart to focus on this area. 

Unfortunately, the bespoke nature of TRON’s (TRX) Sun Network is beginning to make the token slip down the crypto mountain. TRON (TRX) was once very unique and offered unprecedented levels of efficiency, but these days, there are many competing PoS (Proof of Stake) tokens that are equally efficient. What’s more, TRON’s (TRX) bespoke network does not connect easily with PoS tokens, giving it a further challenge of interoperability. 

Monero (XMR) 

Monero (XMR) has long since been one of the biggest names in crypto, primarily due to its B2B applications. At a time when Bitcoin began to grow a controversial reputation, Monero (XMR) represented another PoW (Proof of Work) token that had a better reputation for business. Bitcoin is still far more valuable than Monero (XMR), but there’s room for both, and Monero (XMR) has taken a good portion of Bitcoin’s investors. 

Unfortunately for Monero (XMR), PoW tokens are falling off the cliff – they’re incredibly inefficient, and now that PoS tokens exist, there’s little reason to stay invested in PoW, other than perhaps Bitcoin. Ultimately, Bitcoin has long since recovered its reputation and has become far more efficient and sustainable than it once was, making Monero (XMR) far less necessary.


Overall, crypto tokens generally rise, fall, and rise again, emulating the landscapes of mountains. This is represented perfectly by Monero (XMR) and TRON (TRX) whose valuation has been turbulent, but unfortunately, these tokens are currently falling more than ever. TMS Network (TMSN) however feels more like an elevator – it has only been going up!

This upward motion represents 1963% growth, $6M in funds raised, and a current value of $0.097 for TMS Network (TMSN)! So, are you going to stare at your Monero (XMR) and TRON (TRX) whilst it diminishes in value, or will you be part of TMSN’s next leap in ROI? Whichever decision you make, good luck! 






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