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Scaleup Brands: New online marketplace creates unique synergies

"Scaleup Brands" Officially Launches

Innovative online brand marketplace, Scale Brands, announces its official launch to enable more people to access profitable eCommerce brands.

It is looking like the turn of good fortunes for eCommerce brands, their customers, investors, and other stakeholders in the online retailing space following the launch of Scaleup Brands. Scaleup Brands is a new marketplace that is bringing a fresh, new approach to the online business environment by enabling access to profitable brands and brand concepts, including extensive support to ensure people without prior knowledge are able to make this investment.

Overview of the Global eCommerce Market Size

The global e-commerce market size was reportedly valued at $9.09 trillion in 2019, according to a publication by Grand View Research. The report also projected massive growth driven by increasing internet penetration and technological awareness, with the market size expected to exceed $27 billion by 2027. The figures undoubtedly show the huge potential of eCommerce as more businesses look to harness the benefits of an ever-increasing online population to grow their brand. However, a good number of businesses still find it difficult to join the online retailing industry while potential and existing investors struggle to find lucrative businesses to put their money into. It gets even more worrisome for investors that seem stuck in eCommerce ventures due to the difficulty of pulling out of such deals. However, Scaleup Brands looks set to change this narrative by creating a platform that addresses the specific needs of all categories of all stakeholders while enabling them to enjoy the lucrativeness of eCommerce.

Features and Benefits of Scaleup Brands Marketplace

Scaleup Brands Marketplace is built on the principle of the platform economy, bringing buyers and sellers together with transparent and complete data and a professional settlement process. The goal of the marketplace is to allow new brand owners and investors to profit from the eCommerce boom, with relatively high returns compared to other investment instruments. Scaleup Brands enables investors, even persons without prior knowledge of eCommerce to profit from highly lucrative brands, leveraging a strong network with establishing brands.

One of the amazing benefits of the Scaleup Brands Marketplace is the ease of entry and exit even for relatively smaller investors and brands, with an easy-to-navigate process that makes extensive work seamless. As an all-inclusive marketplace for the sale and purchase of brands, the online platform prepares all information and data relating to ready-made brands with a proven track record. Clients can also purchase brand concepts, including support from one of the partners of Scaleup Brands.

The brand concepts are based on extensive market research, with the team leveraging its years of market expertise to handle all aspects of the process, including product development, sourcing (manufacturer search), and branding, ultimately making it easy for customers to start implementation and of course, enjoy ROI. Brand concepts tend to have a lower purchase price than their established counterparts, and therefore offer an even better ROI and the possibility of a highly profitable ex.

The team behind Scaleup Brands has already worked with 150 established brands across industries and will be aiming to replicate the successes achieved over the years or better still, take the experience a notch higher. Therefore, it is not surprising that the relatively new eCommerce investment solution is already getting reviews from different categories of clients. “The whole process was super easy and I was constantly accompanied so that no question was left unanswered.” – Marcus B.

For further information about Scaleup Brands and how to leverage the user-friendliness and comprehensiveness of the platform to take a shot at the lucrative eCommerce space without spending a lot of hours or money, visit –

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