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Saving time for package with application packaging tool PACE Suite

PACE Suite

Packaging your applications quickly and with great efficiency can always make a difference for any software development business. Any issues and the package can lead to problems, which eventually make customers unhappy. That’s why it’s imperative to use an application packaging tool like PACE Suite. Thanks to its extraordinary quality, Pace Suite can help speed up packaging, help you customize and adapt the installer package, while also improving the experience.

Comprehensive support for various installer packages

With help from PACE Suite, you have direct access to some of the best ways to convert existing installers. So if you already have an MSIX, MSI or any other supported installer package format, you can use the dedicated wizards to convert and then customize the installer the way you want. The entire process is meant to be very simple and consistent.

Moreover, PACE Suite does an excellent job at helping you with MSI and MSIX authoring. You can easily edit the settings and content of your packages, all thanks to the different wizards and editing tools. In the end, you will have a better, more consistent and cohesive set of tools to push your experience to the next level.

PACE Suite even offers support for different installer types, including things like APPV, APPX, MSI, MSIX, MST, THINAPP and so on in the same project. Doing that will help enhance the process, improve the experience for users, while also eliminating any potential problems that can arise. The intelligent capturing engine has automatic and manual updates. You also have access to repackaging in Docker and Windows Sandbox.

Powerful and efficient packaging solutions

The PACE Suite has built-in support for PSF, which means it becomes very easy to integrate any PSF fixes in the MSIX packages of legacy applications. You also have broader deployment, and the ability to wrap installations with the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit Framework. It also goes the extra mile with command line interface support for automation.

That becomes very effective since you can use the command line interface to automate packaging tasks with help from batch scripts, something to take into consideration here. PACE Suite even goes the extra mile by offering all these features in a very friendly and intuitive UI. Doing so helps eliminate any issues, while also giving you access to much-needed documentation and detailed information that you can use to adequately harness every bit of power from the PACE Suite.


If you want a very effective, time-saving and very reliable application packaging tool, then the PACE Suite is by far the best option to consider. Not only is it designed from the ground up to assist with all kinds of application packaging tasks, but it also helps save time, effort and it delivers an extraordinary return on investment. We highly recommend trying out the PACE Suite right now if you want access to one of the most powerful and effective application packaging solutions on the market, all at extraordinary price points! To learn more about the PACE Suite, please visit our website.

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