Save Time & Money: Reasons Your Businesses Need White-Label Dashboarding


Today, data is everything. It drives our world and the decisions we make. But how would the data make any sense without the right tools to understand it? That’s where white-label dashboarding comes in. Without developing marketing solutions from scratch, your company can use a white-label company’s help to easily penetrate new markets at a much cheaper cost. 

White-label dashboards are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. They offer a quick and easy way to visualize data, spot trends, and make better decisions. Dashboards can be customized to fit your business’s specific needs and can be branded with your company’s logo and colors.

There are many reasons why businesses need white-label dashboards. Here are just a few:

Dashboards Help You Make Sense Of Data

Your white-label reporting tool has all BI-related capabilities, from data integration, data management, data sharing, and data analytics to data visualization.

Dashboards Can Be Connected With Other Marketing Applications.

White-label reporting solutions have built-in analytics with simple-to-use modules that easily connect system features to social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and other marketing software.

Allows Automation

White label reporting tool works on a decentralized business model that allows seamless integration and automation. This way, project managers don’t have to refresh data every time and waste sending personalized reports to all their customers. 

Dashboards Can Be Branded With Your Company’s Logo And Colors

A company is first represented by its logo. While labeling reporting solutions, put your brand’s logo in the report’s upper left or right corner. You can also choose from the available color themes and display your brand’s visual identity. This helps to bring personalization to the report. 

Ways White Label Reporting Tool Helps 👍

White label reporting tool helps you to save costs by helping you with the following points:

Build A Strong Brand Name

White labeling is highly beneficial for small businesses that offer top-notch high-quality products in the market yet don’t have a big name. It offers startups and smaller firms the ability to develop the best products without investing in marketing and sales. It’s a win-win. You get big money! They get the best product.

Launching New Products On Your Behalf.

Product/Website launches can be challenging, given the market’s volatile and highly competitive nature. You don’t know how customers will react to your product. However, there is a high chance of success if the same product is being launched under a big logo, which means as a white-label product. 

Better Marketing Resources

White-label solutions offer you better marketing resources without having to spend your own resources.  

For example, if Storyblocks, a royalty-free video footage service, purchases a white-label preset solution, it can easily advertise this feature as a new addition to its product portfolio.

Getting Into Research & Development For Your Company

White-label branding solutions allow you instant access to a solid R&D team whose sole purpose is to look out for potential errors, research better solutions, and develop better products.

Saves Time

Building everything from scratch- websites, user interfaces, and apps requires a dedicated and efficient team, which can waste resources and time. Instead, opting for white-label products help you to cut down costs and save time.

What Do You Get Instant Access To? 👍

  • Existing salesforce
  • Advertising Media
  • Marketing resources
  • New Products, features, logos, websites, etc.
  • Existing customers and potential distributors

Final Words

White-label products often have the great advantage of being failure-proof and can quickly grab the target audience. If you want to play safe and enter new markets with better access to the right resources and tools, pi Dashboard and pi Reports solutions are for you. Try the software for free and discover wonderful results. 

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