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Save Time and Money by Using Virtual Interview

Video and phone interviews became specifically prevalent mainly, during the pandemic. In this, access the world, the government issues guidelines related to social distancing for limiting the virus spread. As and after such guidelines ease, then it is likely that several companies continue for relying on a virtual interview for making hiring decisions. This interview can be described as an interview taking place remotely and over the phone sometimes while using technology often like video conferencing and also other communication platforms. Often, they are conducted much the same way as face-to-face interviews.

Interview software

There are mainly two options for the hiring manager. An online interview is conducted by some organizations with the usage of consumer-grade, famous platforms like Apple FaceTime and Microsoft Skype. This is the approach generally least expensive and for set up becomes easy. Meanwhile, the drawback is that a little more can be done by technology compared to a record and connection establishing, categorizing, and storing the videos.

For the interviewer, the other chief option is for using particular software for video interviewing from vendors like Montage, Sonru, HireVue, or Spark Hire. Such platforms have data analytics and capture capabilities that the video interview software of consumer video lacks and do have more controls for video interview scheduling and video sharing among HR and hiring managers.

Perfecting the interview

Wear professional attire- A person should dress the same as in an interview face-to-face. Doing so makes a professional appearance and excited related the opportunity while also making to feel more confident and prepared.

Limit distractions- In the home, the best place for taking an interview must be a quiet location along with few distractions. Prefer a clean room and a professional looking for making the interviewer focus the attention on the person and mainly not on what is around.

Test the technology beforehand- There is a requirement of several tools such as a microphone and camera on the computer, a reliable internet connection, and a software program like zoom or Google meet. Before the interview, at least a day before do check all the technology for ensuring its effective working and is effectively used for communication.

Prepare in advance- If someone is in front of the computer, it does not mean just relying on the ability for looking quickly up answers or on pre-written relying on that can be referred to. There is a need to prepare so a person can have a naturally done conversation even without reading directly or clicking around from a script.

Build rapport- A rapport establishment is vital in any such business relationship as it allows for separating one from other such candidates by a personal connection building along with the interviewer.


It can be concluded that this is a job interview taking place remotely, and video technology is used as chiefly the communication medium. They are an increasingly famous tool in talent acquisition due to the ability to save the money and time comprised in an in-person, traditional interview.

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